Call. Back River Gin has prominent, but not aggressive juniper at the front of the nose. 207-338-5236. Dec 19, 2015 - Gin made in the London tradition with a Maine twist: blueberries. latest report on Consumer Taste Preferences in Gin. Mississippi River Distilling Company River Rose Gin. Not in classic style but still very nice and great for sipping neat. The generic brand tonic from Whole Foods is a light touch against your spirits and affordable. Highly Recommended. It’s a much more subtle and complete nose rooted in gin tradition. It’s well made, with a unique balance, and a unique flavor profile that even half a decade later has rarely been equaled in the Gin Renaissance. 11:00 AM–5:00 PM (207) 785-3024. Agree with reviewer. And if you check the labels, sometimes White Rock tonic is made with cane sugar instead of HFCS. Final Thoughts: A very atypical (from a London Dry), idiosyncratic and thoroughly enjoyable gin. Maine friends put us on to this gin a number of years ago. Spirit Journal says, 'The aroma’s unlike any other gin in the world, and better than a whole slew of them… Finishes ultra-clean, amazingly tart and acidic, yet eye-poppingly fresh.’ I’ll be on the lookout for this one. So it has become our “special occasion” gin. Pretty much a instant set up for a gin martini. I buy a few bottles whenever I’m in Portland. They make a dry vermouth, too… I can only imagine how that goes. On an evening when we aren’t enjoying our usual lovely beverage, he drifts towards Bloody Mary and I head for a gin and tonic. First Impression: Definitely not your father’s (or mother’s) gin. We both love this stuff and have allowed many friends to try it – to their delight. It is a bit rough (i.e., more burn than most), but it makes a stellar G&T. This one always gets rave wherever it goes. RT 27, CARRABASSETT VALLEY. See More. To put it another way, you’ll recognize it as gin but you won’t call it a Gordon’s clone. 3 thumbs down on this one if you ask me. Enough of a “gin” for Gordon’s fans but a softer juniper for those find that note too strong in Gordon’s. Back River Gin is the rare gin that is exciting, versatile behind the bar, and worth seeking out. A unique gin full of potential mixology prospects, I look forward to explore it in other drinks and twisting some classics with it. Very nice gin and tonic with an almost chewy body to it. The bartender at Marshall Wharf raved about it last night, but I had 250 miles to drive…. BAR HARBOR SPIRIT CO. LLC. It simply drowns all the good in a cocktail. One of the more unique points about their gin (outside of a great recipe to start with) is the addition of blueberries to the formula. 174 Barrett Hill Rd. 53 MAIN ST, BAR HARBOR. To steal a phrase from another review, if I could, I would replace my blood with this, it’s that good. Back River ® Gin. Cranberry Gin. Magnificent gin. I love it in a Martini. My “Maine family” is meeting me in PA next month, so I have asked them to bring 2 bottles that I can tuck into my suitcase… tide me over until Total Wines begins stocking!!! And yes, we make whiskey. Maple Smash. I had a hard time finishing it. Not only do they produce an outstanding gin but also a vermouth and a cranberry and a blueberry bitters to boot! Olives and onions go wonderfully with it, suggesting both a Dirty Martini, a Very Dirty Martini, or a Gibson. Cassia and coriander backstop the juniper and make a more harmonious blend. Taste: Medium to heavy body with a lovely oily mouthfeel. Lots of coriander with angelica with the ginger root rounding it out. One of the more unique points about their gin (outside of a great recipe to start with) is the addition of blueberries to the formula. Don’t let the blueberry put you off. Juniper, lemon, anise, cassia, and blueberries mix with the other ingredients to deliver a lovely spice spice bomb that will keep you drinking more to explore the mystery of what exactly you’re drinking. Perfect for the Aviation. They make a wide array of wines and spirits sourcing as much as possible from their local Maine farms. Keith and Constance Bodine form the team behind Sweetgrass Winery and Distillery’s Back River Gin. 207-235-2443. Sorry to dissent but it totally didn’t work for me. 7.6 … The cinnamon comes through in a Gin and Tonic, but if you like that note it’s delicious and somewhat more muted than it was in the gin on its own. Cheap compared to many of its competitors and a must have for the discerning gin connoisseur. There’s just enough pine accent juniper behind all of this to give Back River Gin a depth of flavor that goes beyond the signature botanicals. Unfortunately, it still is not sold locally. Notes: We discovered this gin and it’s producers quite by accident and glad that we did. It is handmade in the historic river town of Le Claire, Iowa along a dramatic bend in the Mississippi where steamboat… Fans of classic style gins may find it a bit light in the juniper. One of the key ingredients in Back River Gin is Maine-grown blueberries. Cheers. Closed until 11:00 AM tomorrow (Show more) Mon–Sun. Period. A hint of cranberry, cassia, and wet pine-forest-in-winter juniper greet you on the nose. Drinks: Makes a excellent martini – especially if you like a complex, multilayered and herbaceous martini (twist only! With a simple but tasteful paper label, synthetic cork closure. I doubted that I would like this gin, but, like the review, I adore it. The nose of Back River Gin doesn’t immediately lead with blueberry like other berry-botanical gins like Brockman’s. Subtle coriander and aniseed notes come on early, but mid-palate is a roar of cassia and ginger. I was in Maine last week visiting family and stopped in for a “tasting” (I’m from the Napa Valley, in CA…and we do like to do tastings – wine, spirits).


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