an heir of rage would probably be pretty angry and by pretty I mean very, they would be very angry. Then said “umm ok” then everything went to heck. Bard of Life. - Damara: Not a lot is known of the Beforus troll session but Damara definitely went off. Though all of these being revealed would result in eventual benefits of most players because of the nature of the Bard’s passive actions. ... BARD. If they didn’t cheat it would be fair luck, but because they do it is considered theft. She also is extremely well informed on the history of their Ancestors, probably through talking extensively with Kankri which shows how much information means to her as a Lightbound. Information? also funny story knight of light (or knight of doom I’m not sure yet) is my classpect. Void bounds unlike Light focus more on doubting what they already know instead of searching for more and they’d rather live without knowing anything if it is not for sure. At their best they are relentless problem solvers but they may find inactivity, even with passive classes, difficult or unwanted. He raised the cherubs that are both important for how things play out later on, raising both the tyrand and protector of universes they control. Think of Friday The 13th (game) flashlight use. They might even only be able to make the sh sounds and commune with it like nakodiles can only say nak. They won’t hesitate to insist and twist words to fit however they like it. Everything she’s done has always been to help others and has been seen countless times as a mediator in the friend group, stealing nothing from her friends and letting them have everything that way(save for the pumpkins). s I just stated the rogue of blood isn’t the best combat class, but if you get one in combat they certainly aren’t useless, as they can make their enemies teamwork fall apart while their team would work flawlessly together. as a destroyer class though, a bard of doom would act more like a life player (we’ve seen how gamzee acts hopeful, happy and religious) so instead of being depressed like most doom aspect players would be they’d be pretty lively although it might just be a fake front they put on (again like how gamzee was still as angry as ever he just hid it well until he snapped) so a bard of doom would probably be lively until you really pushed them to an emotional limit and then they’d snap and become sad and depressed. It is proven as we have two male and one female Knight. Like how Roxy was a blind spot in Calliope’s vision on the computer. On the contrary a mage of time might also have nothing scheduled at all and feels alone, bored, and lame not doing anything. Powers of a rogue of time would be they could literally steal time, they could steal parts of a person’s life span and give it to themselves or others. Later on in the game it can be upgraded to have burning hot light such as the Alternian Sun or be so bright it blinds others, maybe even through their eyelids if close enough. There will be a Bar of Fortune for each player, akin a health bar, including themselves which they must keep track of. I won’t be doing quest analysis yet but send your asks this way and I’ll answer them as best as possible. But if they succeed to let themselves have a little knowledge first and uncover what is real and what their situation truly is then they will be able to give proper, helpful information to their friends instead of spouting nonsense even they don’t understand and ending up confusing everyone. - Dave: He’d definitely been marked by a life of struggle, unable to live properly due to the abusive brother/guardian. It means just turn them off, but the Rogue would unscrew the light bulb even if it burns their fingers just so their comrade can rest up in peaceful darkness. That would make them destroy both the consorts’ secret of it existing and ones of all players. Bard of Void. That is the biggest difference between Light and Void. But the consorts believe each word blindly, trusting what is written. That only tells me what I already know. They’d have to first traverse the planet in search of the camera that could hold such powers, but in truth any one would do. They differ from their piers and have been shown as people who cherish their close one, or at least try to. Even a laser pointer. I am Dahni, an INTP, Witch of Light and Derse Dreamer In The Land of Fog and Reflection. You cannot outrun him if he’s already there. Where nothiness is taken away there can only be something, breaking fans’ minds with the logic and basically creating things out of thin air. I feel like this wasn’t an in depth description of the potential powers of these two, If I find something else or something comes to mind I will reblog this post and add my thoughts to it, Mage is always up in the air when it comes to powers for them, because we know so little about it as weve never seen a mage use their powers and we also don’t know a whole lot about hope so this is gonna be long and very much speculation, (I will not be considering sollux’s visions as part of being a mage because it’s more likely to be either specific to the captors as mituna had visions and prophecies too either that or its tied to the doom aspect). ... Bard of Heart. Thief: Thieves are often depicted having a lack of their Aspect at the beginning of their character arc, their story, but I will supply both embracing their Classpect and not embracing it enough as I always do. “The Hero of Void must learn to be less destructive, to let others have their secrecy because not all must be revealed by doing nothing. Stealing using fortune could seen as betting on things and cheating, making sure that they get what the other bet on. When they notice an issue or if they’re not quite satisfied with the ending they got they will most definitely do their best to fix it. Bro had been like both a father figure, but also his worst enemy. Sylph of Space. This Classpect was quite quizzing for me and a delightful challenge, thank you @vaporvvave-vampire. Information: Maybe they are knowledgable in certain things that are useful to others, but maybe they’re not. Now there is not a lot about cronus. Bard of Doom. It would be interesting if they had a black cat or owl as a lusus as both are tied to bad luck, but a bat could also show that, though not as much. It could cause havoc because nobody would like their deepest secrets revealed. Mages understand their aspect and can use that understanding to manipulate it and some speculate they can even create it. First off, though I don’t fully follow gender exclusivity when it comes to Classpects on my own OCs, Bards are canonically only meant for males. Try making the light part be the prominent use of the weapon. Upon ascension, the Bard gains powers that instead allow him to cause destruction through Void. I find this is the most canon thing about a Thief of Time I can make as it embodies Time bounds and Thieves well. That’s why the Knight of Light must supply them with the real, true information. This is my first analysis so idk how good it is but I hope it helped, Something I forgot to add here, a witch of heart can also manipulate souls so interpret that as you will, Shout out to my good friend @bluschooled for helping me with this one, Rogues have too much of their aspect, a rogue of time would have alot of time on their hands and sometimes they’re okay with that but other times their bored out of their skull. What they need to realize is that if nothings happening and they’re bored, that they don’t have to wait for the opportunity to appear, they can make their own.


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