Typically ladder drills are executed best with an actual speed ladder. Make sure you change it up! BASKETBALL TRAINING Jump rope exercises will improve a player’s hand-foot coordination, balance, and rhythm, and are an opportunity for players to work on being light on their feet. To train your anaerobic system, instead of long runs you should be doing sprint and agility drills. ), These types of activity work your body aerobically. You'll need a partner to act as the anchor. Option: Both basketball agility drills can be done in a "chaser" competition, where one player follows and tries to catch her partner. combine agility cone drills Published over 1 year Ago Speed and agility training drills are designed to work all your leg and core muscles, as well as the tendons in your body. Repeat again for 8 to 10 reps. | Everybody knows the basic two-foot method of jumping rope, but there are endless variations that will help improve a basketball player’s footwork. Wearing the band or bungee cord, start in the defensive slide position, leading with the dominant foot. As any seasoned basketball player will tell you, a game is won as much in the training session as it is on the court. Using a single resistance band, double it over and loop around your ankles. Once the player has this drill perfected in a stationary position, you can try doing it on the move. Agility is the ability for a player to move quickly and easily around the court, changing directions effortlessly and using elite body control to change speeds. Players sprint or dribble in a figure 8 pattern around cones while being timed. Again, it's suitable for either an extended resistance band or bungee cord, with your partner anchoring the other end. AGILITY TRAINING Jump and touch the backboard with both hands, or hold a basketball and touch it against the backboard. Focus on quick jumps, instead of high ones. Finish off two feet, catch your own rebound and then defensive shuffle to the other corner, repeating the whole process in reverse. This drill trains both explosive speed and lateral speed. Speed, agility, and quickness are all vital attributes of a pro athlete. The basic idea for ladder drills is simple: A player starts at one end of the ladder and then executes a pattern of steps until they reach the other end of the ladder. If a player is unable to do the step-ups without moving the ball all over the court, then they should do that part of the drill alone before adding in the tennis balls. Learn more about these critical and often forgotten muscles below. As the player is doing step-ups, the coach will then underhand toss the tennis ball at the player, who must catch it with one hand, and then toss it back. 2 Great Basketball Drills to Do on Your Own, Take Your Basketball Training Outside With These 6 Dribbling Drills, Basketball Court Dimensions and Hoop Height: A Quick Guide, 8 Effective and Fun Youth Basketball Games, Basketball Off-Season Workout: Strength and Size, The Truth About Aerobic and Anaerobic Training, Get Ripped With This Unconventional Barbell Workout, How to Choose the Right Private Coach for Your Youth Athlete. Below you’ll find over 200 basketball practice drills for youth, middle school, high school, and college coaches. But if you don’t have one, you can also use tape to make a ladder shape on the floor. Finally, turn again and backpedal out, sprinting back. TRACK Starting under the basket, with the cord attached to your waist, make a defensive shuffle out to one of the corners, then sprint back, dribbling the ball only once. The coach calls out “forward” or “back” to indicate which way the player should roll the ball while doing step-ups, and can also change directions throughout the drill. In this drill, you'll train your jump, but also your ability to repeat multiple jumps quickly and without losing height. We've put together a list of some of the most widely used drills, which provide a good base for building an all-round bungee cord or resistance bands basketball workout. This drill can be performed with either multiple knotted resistance bands or a longer bungee cord. Players need to be able to switch positions at speed while handling the ball, without making an illegal move and while under intense pressure from the opposing team. JUMPING Choose a specific variation and either count how many jumps you can get in a certain amount of time, or time how long it takes you to perform a set amount of jumps. It’s the instinct of many players to jump as high as possible when jumping rope... but jumping rope requires staying light on your feet, which means that short + quick jumps are most effective. Naturally, agility drills are therefore an important aspect of any basketball training routine, whether for individual or team training sessions. Why? Beginner Bodyweight Workout: Begin a New Journey, How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight - and How To Keep It Off, Upper-Lower Split Workout With Resistance Bands, Bro Split: Resistance Band Bro Workouts to Try at Home, Working Out Everyday: Enjoying Daily Exercise, Gym Schedule: Create the Perfect Workout Routine. COACH Agile players have an advantage because they can quickly react to opponents and be the first players to get their hands on a loose ball. As you advance and start training for a specific position, you may want to incorporate more specialist drills for certain areas. Resistance bands can be used in agility drills in a number of ways. Early Sampling: Which is Better? In the fitness world, you have to decide what is better for you: full-body workout vs. split. This drill trains the hip adductor and abductor muscles, which are key to maintaining a stable defensive stance and being able to move laterally swiftly. Katherine is a CrossFit expert with humble origins. To put it simply… Slow athletes get left behind. Female basketball players: they won't take your game to the next level. Join STACK and gain instant FREE access to resources that have helped millions of people jump higher, run faster, get stronger, eat smarter and play better. That's why basketball agility drills form such a major part of any aspiring or current athlete regime. In this agility drill you will need 4 markers. Take a rest (or let another player perform the drill), and then repeat the drill, trying to beat the time from the first set. Basketball consists of intermittent bouts of all-out effort, which tax the anaerobic, not the aerobic, energy system. The “Figure 8 Drill” is designed to work on acceleration, deceleration, and turning. Starting out on a ranch, ever since she was nine, she spent most of her life roping and competing in team roping. These drills are designed to improve body control, footwork, coordination, and balance. King of the Court (Fun Basketball Game and Drill), 73 Basketball Drills and Games for Kids (2020 Update), 5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice, The Mikan Drill – How it Works and 8 Important Variations, 5 Basketball Agility Drills to Improve Footwork and Body Control, How to Create a Youth Basketball Practice Plan, Parents: Please Stop Ruining Youth Sports, Zone Defense is Terrible for Youth Basketball, 21 Life Lessons Kids Learn Through Youth Sports, How to Win Every Youth Basketball Game (8 Terrible Tactics), 1-3-1 Zone Defense – Complete Coaching Guide. The aim is to develop the player's acceleration from a standing start as well as swift changes of direction. This drill can be done with or without a basketball. Running two miles on the track or scaling the bleachers at the football stadium is not training like a basketball player. Obviously you shouldn’t dedicate too much time to agility drills at practice, so it’s important that players work on these in their own time if they want to improve. Starting with a classic defensive stance, move laterally by sliding your leading leg out and then following up with the other leg. Here are the basketball agility drills I recommend. Players must combine skills and show footwork to excel at Foot-Ups, and hand-eye coordination to catch and pass a tennis ball at the same time. Again, to increase the difficulty level, get your partner to adjust the tension in the band or the position they stand, trying out different angles with each repetition of the drill. | The drill is simple. | These six basketball agility drills will provide an excellent foundation for any training program, covering many of the key skills needed for all positions. Balance, stability, speed, and reactions are all components of the type of mental and physical agility needed to succeed. Encourage players to focus on getting low on the turn. SPRINT | POWER | This time, however, your starting position will be at the top of the key. You should maintain balance throughout, pumping your arms to provide momentum, and your path both out and back in should follow a straight line with no deviation or wobbling. ENERGY Now turn ninety degrees, and this time sprint out to the extent of the band, then backpedal to the starting position. Obviously you shouldn’t dedicate too much time to agility drills at practice, so it’s important that players work on these in their own time if they want to improve. The coach or partner who is helping should be facing him about 8-10 feet away, and holding the tennis ball. The speed ladder lays on the ground and players perform a wide variety of footwork exercises that require them to execute a specific pattern of steps or jumps to go from one end of the ladder to the other. Stand at the backboard, with your partner behind you holding their end of the band towards the floor and maintaining light tension. Top 5 Cone Drills for Speed and Agility Training 5-10-5 Pro Agility Shuttle Don’t let this be you. This is perfect for those in-game situations where you jump to finish at the basket, miss and need to jump again to complete the basket before a defensive player can intercept. Agility in basketball often requires players to make a play with both their feet and their hands at the same time… such as when a guard uses quick footwork to beat the man guarding him while also keeping his dribble away from help defenders. You can develop the difficulty of this drill by asking your partner to increase the band or cord tension, or the distance at which they stand. Early Specialization vs. Watch the following video. These drills are designed to improve body control, footwork, coordination, and balance. It includes two basketball agility drills. Female basketball players: they won't take your game to the next level. If your heels are touching the ground, your jumps will not be nearly as quick -- you’ll be “heavy” on your feet! | All you need is a jump rope and a little bit of space. All you need is a few square feet of space with a line on the ground, or a piece of tape that can serve as that line.


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