Created by Maurice Roucel. ). Inspired by Chanel, Francesca does not copy, but creates her very own world, different from ours. 6% – the drop in overall fragrance sales from 2015 to 2016.. 1% – the sales growth of prestige fragrances.. Rise of Niche and Indie Fragrances. It is a pure delight to smell it without any attempt to analyze its components. Access to niche fragrances is an issue for all of us who don’t live in or near a major city, so easy ordering over the Internet is key here. I may not be a fan of compositions where the emphasis is on darker and more traditionally masculine accents, like this one, but Little song showed me how pleasant it could be to divert from my comfort zone - when it’s worth it. In conclusion, it's a passionate, overwhelming and mysterious scent. My sample list expands greatly while reading it, and I’m looking forward to testing them in the future. In the drydown, vetiver plays the starring role with its smoky tones, surrounded lightly with balsamic notes such as vanilla and benzoin. Online right now: 1972, Fragrantica in your language: Iris, the classical element of so many ladies' fragrances from another era, is now colored in futuristic neon green. Iris is present and prominent from top to heart, and then it disappears as the base hits and the scents turns its corner, almost becoming another creation entirely, leaving a woody, leafy, earthy trail of forest ground on your skin. I also have a little crush on the new perfume launched by. The fragrance plays on the type of a backstory that the industry needs, such as the scent of recycled waste. ...But Not Today is inspired by the character of Hannibal and his love/desire relationship with a figure who should be his enemy. It is a facetted perfume that highlights the roundness and woody tones of vanilla with sandalwood, as well as milky notes to accentuate the smooth shades of the pod. The association of patchouli and coffee is delicious, and the envelopment of oakmoss is memorable. A composition that exhales a warm breath of rhum and whiskey, it asks us to travel somewhere far away on a boat. A fragrance house dedicated to colognes, … Considered a niche fragrance … We have gathered together our favorite niche fragrances for fall from Pitti Fragranze & TFWA 2018 Pitti Fragranze and TFWA are two major fall events in the very intense life of the perfume industry. An acidic iris fragrance, it is a true novelty in character and in style. Etat Libre d'Orange I Am Trash might be the most non-controversial fragrance of the house, except for the controversy that lays in expecting something nasty and rotten from a name like that, and getting this uplifting green apple and rose energy bomb! There is also a cherry, almondy side (benzaldehyde) which brings sweetness and a liquorish touch to the composition. Its bright and natural citrus motif is so cozy nestled in its aromatic green-woody base, that it keeps teasing us, being familiar and so surprisingly complex, and very long-lasting. It's a cool element to contrast the general moody warmth. Beauty Almanac |. it seems that it was not only my mindset, but almost everyone else's at the fair. So good to have this hot summer illusion in the middle of rainy cold October, and the snow that is coming soon. Patchouli is just an excuse here, a canvas on which to attach a lot of curious nuances, like hot cloves, rubbery woods, smoke and leather, and it all changes like a living thing! For everyone who mourns the dead Gucci Pour Homme, saving their last drops, go out now and urgently buy Papyrus Oud 71 Parle Moi de Parfum! 15 Of The Best Niche Fragrance Brands To Know. Laboratorio Olfattivo SacresteAntonio Alessandria FaraLM Parfums HystericRégime des Fleurs ShellsPeccato Originale Polvere Di EtereTauer Perfumes Les Années 25Nicolaï Parfumeur Créateur Néroli Intense. UNUM But_Not_TodayPierre Guillaume Mecanique du DesirMaison Rebatchi Feu PatchouliFrancesca Bianchi The Lover’s TaleKajal YasminaLaboratorio Olfattivo Sacreste, Sophie Normand Editor & author at Fragrantica. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. I am talking about his mesmerizing Mécanique Du Désir. Fresher shades, both floral and green, appear before the fragrance winds down in a spicy and balsamic way. Our team participated in both major events and many simultaneous side happenings. You smell it and think of some very old movie which was restored with such affection and care that it became better than it used to be at its very first showing. There are simple reasons why niche fragrances have taken off in the past 10 years or so. Lover's Tale is on top of my list, waiting for Francesca to release the samples to try it. I would describe Xerjoff’s new Corallo, the web-only exclusive Casamorati edition, as paradoxically a "futuristic vintage." This woody, tobacco and liquorish scent is a fragrance that perfectly fits with fall and winter; warm and elegant at the same time. They are playful, innocent and very attractive in their cheerful mood. Little song is no exception, with its peculiar juxtaposition of strong, black coffee and dusty, seemingly crushed rose petals creating a strangely nostalgic and attractive dissonance. It is an abstract, woody-musky molecular cocktail mix of captive materials by Givaudan. How can we save/find these articles in the future. The new fragrance is just as smoky as we know and love from the rest of the line, with animalic nuances of burnt wood and costus on one side, and fresh citruses and juniper berries on the other. :D. SO many of us are hoarding those last drops of Gucci Pour Homme - so great to know there is something quite similar out there!


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