Some are very hard or impossible to conceal. For a lever action rifle – Henry Lever Action .22 caliber. I have used many of the models indicated (the notable exception is the Condor blade), and I definitely think there are better choices in the same price range as those selected. I’m not licensed my self but am a trains raido operator. Attach it to the outside? Ham Radio is not something you can just jump into when a disaster strikes. Democrats Announces Plans for Nationwide Mandatory Mask Mandate, Lockdown and Contact Tracing/Tracking American Citizens, Cuomo and Democrat Governors to Block Vaccine Until Biden is in as President. Maybe S&W didn’t degrease this particular sight well enough. Know nothing about the Bersa. When choosing a knife for urban survival, look for one designed for the police, military, or firefighters. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Are you a hunter and will you be dressing game most of the time? Just remember–a dive knife is for cleaning trash off the reef, or using it to cut yourself free if you get trapped in fishing line or fishnet underwater. The Becker 22 has a Grivory (glass reinforced nylon) grip that is nearly indestructible and a quality MOLLE compatible nylon sheath that features a cargo pocket for storing a sharpener or magnesium fire starter. Kershaw Chive? In an urban environment I’d also suggest a fire hydrant wrench, very useful. The looks don’t matter that much, which makes that you can focus on function alone. This makes it easier to scrounge up extra ammunition in your calibers during and after these periods of unrest. According to my experience the Ka-Bar Becker 22 is one of the blades that offers most value for the buck, and a great option for anyone looking for a sharp, sturdy knife. Concealing other full sized centerfire rifles will depend on their size and weight. This is an awesome knife that will get you through your wilderness survival scenario with flying colors. It’s more durable, and way easier to see. On the subject of knives, there are a lot of good choices. It has a full tang and integrated glass-breaking tip in the pommel. Besides radios, flashlights, food, and water; my attention would be security. They are also very reliable and do not require buying and using spare magazines. Of the knives shown here this one is by far the best knife to dress game. Just like all areas of preparedness practice and training is the key to getting it right. BUY A DAMNED SAFE ALREADY!!!! So if you’d like to have a little more knife to hold, go with the Sanrenmu B4-717. This is an advantage again for hard use work. When disaster strikes, you will likely by at home, at work, or somewhere near your normal everyday environment. Many of us also have an interest in emergency communication and preparedness aka prepping. The blunt end can help get under a window sill and force it open without having to break it. Most commercially sold survival gear is geared towards a wilderness audience. Hint, hint) in a caliber that you can reliably and accurately fire, but remember, you MUST CARRY a gun before needing one. Larger tools …… Check out the Stanly FatMax, the Zoro, or the Dead-On Annihilator. However, some knives do it better than others. The Laser Strike Fixed Blade survival knife from ESEE is a workhorse. I know, you’ve probably never seen a skateboard on any other list of survival supplies; well, I can tell you from experience that this is probably one of the most versatile and multi-purpose pieces of urban gear you can carry. Hope this helps since a simple answer from someone who actually uses one is to damn hard to get? Choose a defensive handgun that is comfortable to shoot under any circumstances and feels comfortable to carry all day. (Listen to one with a radio scanner to learn a lot about ham radio.) After all, these aggressive knives look like that’s what they’re made for. apparently, the paint they use for dots don’t stick to the steel well enough. Most Scandinavian knives a flat grind. Not guns and ammo- bars on windows and doors. When deadly floods struck central and southern Texas in mid-October 1998, amateur radio operators from four states volunteered their time. A lighter blade will cause less fatigue both while carrying it in your bug out bag and when actually using it. You, and you ALONE, will suffer the legal and moral consequences if the unthinkable should happen, so use common sense and don’t end up in a horrifying situation because you didn’t exercise sound judgment. Future ham radio efforts in space will focus on the use of amateur radio within the International Space Station (ARISS) project.


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