Starting Time: Sunday, July 14th, 7:00 AM. My 14yo and i did this in just under 11 hours and we were glad it wasn’t difficult all the way through. We saw the mountain goats after sunup (look up). For parking and additional info on this segment of the Colorado Trail visit: No water for about 8 miles if you do it in reverse so something to keep in mind. By the way, the wait was worth it— we were the only people on this segment of the trail— no other hikers and no mountain bikers. Most of the hike features cover and allows you to see the recovering burn scar from the 1996 Buffalo Creek fire as well as beautiful views of Raleigh Peak and the river valley. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until September. Not too much work for a great view of Pike’s. Wildlife, Create Recommended Route or Completed in 1987, the Colorado Trail stretches 485 magnificent miles from Denver to Durango. You have to bike up Waterton Canyon to get there but once you hit the Colorado Trail you are virtually alone. Have updates, photos, alerts, or just want to leave a comment? This is one the best trails for mountain biking. We camped 5 miles in and had a great time other than our dog ripping our tent...gotta have something go wrong or else it's not a true backpacking trip right? The trailhead to segment 1 is closed atm due to Covid19. There is also abundant wildlife along the Colorado Trail, ranging in size from small pika and marmot, to bear and moose. Learn more about how to apply the principles of Leave No Trace on your next outdoor adventure. Along the way it meanders through high alpine mountains and valleys, offering a glimpse at some of the finest terrain Colorado has to offer. Ending Point: Goldhill Trailhead, Breckenridge, CO. It’s a paved road for the first few miles. Through hikers & bikers would start in Waterton Canyon near Denver. Smooth switchbacks make it easy, and riding this stretch of trail on a mountain bike would be a blast! For the first portion of this section of the Colorado Trail, you'll follow Waterton Canyon, which is the gateway to the CT. The Colorado Trail (Segments 1 - 6 Denver to Breckenridge) T HE C OLORADO T RAIL. Trail, USFS - Pike National Forest - South Platte Ranger District. The trail is in great condition. I met some incredible humans on trail, and have found myself a wonderful little tramily. Some trails or park services may be closed this weekend so check with local authorities before heading out. Colorado Trail: Segments 1-6 | Colorado | 07/24/17-08/02/17 On October 15, 2019 January 26, 2020 By coloradochelsea In Colorado Trail , Hiking & Travel Blogs In the summer of 2017, Kyle and I set out on the adventure of a lifetime. We chose to split the segment into 2 days, if you are looking to do the same beware that after mile 10 it’s slim pickings for established campsights. It traverses eight mountain ranges, six wilderness areas and stays above 10,000 feet for the majority of the trail. Lots of mountain bikers but everyone was soooo nice. The creek is totally dry so don’t plan to find any water. Highlights include the Collegiate Range, where multiple 14ers are just off trail and can easily be climbed, and the San Juans, where the trail remains above tree line for days at a time and climbs to elevations of over 13,000 feet. We lucked out, and weather was amazing! Show more Show less. I went in the morning on a Monday. We saw the newly downed tree mentioned by another reviewer but it was cleared off the trail. Good shade for a fair amount until we hit the unpaved road- which was brutal on a warm day and having been running on trails, the pavement was rather painful, but beautiful! Trail was in great condition. Denver to Breckenridge. Hiking the Colorado Trail: Segment 1 and 2 I am blessed to live within a 30-minute drive of the Colorado Trail. Please respect the outdoors by practicing Leave No Trace. It’s about nourishment and learning. Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Waterton Canyon Indian Creek Mountain Bike Trail, Fountain Valley Trail and Aurora Rampart Reservoir. after the first 6 miles the difficulty does increase, be prepared for some very hot areas during the summer, I recommend you start VERY early. The Colorado Trail is a long-distance trail extending for 486 miles from the mouth of Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango in Colorado. Note this for water refills. The first 6 miles on the road are quite easy, if your in shape. Bear Creek at mile 9.1 is likely the last water (and is sometimes dry) until the South Platte River at the end of this segment. Would definitely recommend. Thruhikers beware, the creek is dry so if you are depending on it for a water source, don't. Lots of shade in this segment. The Colorado Trail is divided into 33 segments which includes a choice of two routes in the middle, Collegiate East and Collegiate West.See the map on our maps page for a quick look at the segments.. Close to Denver. Two downed trees just like July 3 but still a very beautiful place! The trail continues to wind its way through the forest until at last you come to a sweeping viewpoint. The views from here down to the South Platte River Valley are incredible. There is no overnight parking at the Waterton Canyon trailhead so that’s an obstacle If you’re backpacking. Colorado Trail Segment 1 Facts. This accessibility is what makes the Colorado Trail special. 303-275-5610 BS but whatever. What a fun week it’s been. Soon you’ll begin the long, but well graded descent down to the river. Continue East along the river to the trailhead. If counting onward to segment 2, know that the next 10 miles are waterless with a steep and exposed climb. This trail can also begin at Waterton Canyon. Did this over Labor Day weekend and the streams were all dried up. the trail is well maintained and offers some good views after the first 10 or so miles. Bighorn sheep are commonly seen in Waterton Canyon, in fact, dogs are prohibited as an effort to not disturb the sheep. We ran this in reverse going east. Scenic Views. We started at indian creek campground and met up with the colorado trail at lenny’s rest. Segment 1 of the Colorado Trail is easily accessible, located only 30 minutes from downtown Denver. Colorado Trail: Segment 1 is a 18 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Littleton, Colorado that features a river and is rated as difficult. No water at the campground or from lenny’s rest to south platte—so, come prepared :). There is a fresh tree fall across the trail at about mile 12.5 just north of the high point. The trail is divided into 28 different segments, each beginning at a trailhead accessible by vehicle. It's "only" 16miles by the way, not 18, but I didn't mind since the pavement was killing me!


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