Can never get a lot of people to come out and get involved in sports. The only aspect I would really change would be a more efficient way to allow the entire student body to communicate throughout the entirety of the school to arrange an environment that has been accustomed to everyone needs. The teachers make sure the made time to make bonds with the kids. It was the original East High School before that. Many educational opportunities! Clubs and activities are also somethings that are lacking attendance, we have many clubs but none really have a good amount of people. Bullying and other sorts of disturbance happens and are not noticed.Read 80 Reviews, Senior: The campus contains grades 1-12, allowing a cohesiveness I have never experienced before (This is my 7th school), but is still separated by school (elem, Intermed, middle, HS). The administration is very much involved and makes an effort to connect with the students. Financial regulation | The teachers are amazing. The school was super inviting. I'm aware that no school is perfect, but there are still some policies that need to be worked on. Not only are academics the majority of a school districts importance, the little things such as diversity, sports and college readiness, play a large rule in overall experience of a school district. They have turned me into a person of character with better critical writing, reading and speaking skills! The district had a yearly average of $257,912,429 in outstanding debt.The district retired $15,270,095 of its debt and issued $33,932,429 in new debt each year on average. Federal courts | Although Pickerington is great academically, I feel that there can still be improvement overall. Best Columbus schools listed by Columbus school districts. I was able to be very successful in High School.Read 19 Reviews, Senior: I've attended Bloom-Carroll since the start of kindergarten. .partytd.Green { At least one school in the district offers the program. Club. They other staff member are polite and kind, for example the lunch staff is always smiling and always make me feel welcomed. Our district does an AMAZING job including kids with special needs and not making them feel less for being different. I attended CA from k-12th. Each took several AP courses, due to the preparation they received at GCS. African-American: 58.07% The community is also very involved in activated hosted in our town or on campus. Middle Schools (grades 6-8): 18 STEM Academy 7-12 (Linden-McKinley): 1 Only one survey needs to be completed per family. There is also a lot of hypocrisy within dress codes, however that seems to be a problem everywhere.Read 73 Reviews, Senior: I began school in this district at the beginning of my fourth grade year. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. All of the teachers are helpful and extremely committed to their jobs as educators. There are many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities at Wellington.Read 49 Reviews, Parent: Our family has had three children go through GCS. I loved the school that I attending in the Dublin City School district! Ballot access for parties | I hear very often that I am extremely lucky to go to an inclusive school. color: white; Student Mobility Rate: 19.7% Following is a list of school enrollments over the years. The table below separates the district's revenue into the three sources identified by the agency: local, state, and federal. There are a total of 118 active schools in the district. One thing I’d like to see change is having a more diverse staff. I began my schooling career in kindergarten and it is now my junior year and I can proudly say it has been one of the most rewarding and cultivating things i have ever done. } They all graduated high school and college with honors. Budget. This happens quite a bit because teachers and staff always try to push more on the students. I think I got them hooked!Read 84 Reviews, Senior: Worthington Schools has been an amazing experience! The environment is definitely learning based and positive. Most of the staff is very kind and helpful. Receive Special Education services: 16.06% I've made lots of friends and relationships that I will remember for a lifetime. As one current student puts it, the faculty and students make GCS a family. I also like being able to work closely with my teachers. Students must learn how to control there schedule and take classes that really interest them! How these are definitely good, students tend to fill up their schedule with APs and overbook themselves. Formerly Franklin Junior High School, starting in 1923. Oakland Park Alternative Elementary School, Olde Orchard Alternative Elementary School, Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys, Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls, Starling Middle School K-8 (Original West High School), Ecole Kenwood French Immersion School at Kenwood Elementary School. In August 2007, the district decided to begin using its official name of "Columbus City Schools.". All of the teachers are helpful and extremely committed to their jobs as educators. DCS has kids from every socioeconomic class and many different cultures. This was originally (in 1909) Indianola Junior High School and was the first junior high school in the US. I feel Big Walnut offered and taught me a lot. Growing up among a small group of people you have known for years can keep you from seeing many of the realities outside your little bubble, but even at the end of all of it, I feel prepared for the real world.Read 29 Reviews. I really like it here because our school isn't as big as many other area schools. While the food is a little lacking, the people at the school more than make up for the poor performance in nutrition. The Canal Winchester Local School District is genuinely a special place.Read 25 Reviews, Alum: I appreciated the small, tight knight community. Many stay after school for those who may need help in certain subjects. There are some downsides just like at any school. There are a lot of options for classes like electives, different levels of mathematics, different sciences, etc. I enjoyed that my teachers push me to a very high potential it helped me grow to the person I am today. [15] The state investigation has expanded to reviewing allegations of grade adjustments and other practices by district employees with subpoenas issued in July 2013. GCS is just outstanding. I have been going to Gahanna schools my entire life, and I wouldn't change my experience for anything. The academics fit with whatever academic level your child possesses, whether it be superior, average, or needing improvement. There are a lot of options for classes like electives, different levels of mathematics, different sciences, etc. .bptable.gray th { background:#4c4c4c;color:#fff; }. I excelled in high school. Middle School Student: I loved the school that I attending in the Dublin City School district! [3], The Columbus City Schools Board of Education consists of seven members who are elected at-large to four-year terms. I started at Jefferson elementary school. They did this with all students in my classes. House of Representatives | Club. Columbus City Schools employed 3,770 full-time teachers during the 2013-2014 school year. Middle school was a different change for everyone. Environment | This is the alternative to a "by district" election, in which only the registered voters of a particular geographic area may vote for a particular seat up for election. Although Pickerington is great academically, I feel that there can still be improvement overall. Columbus I.S.D. Dixon's previous career experience includes working as a social studies teacher, an assistant principal in Akron Public Schools, and the deputy superintendent of the Saginaw Public School District in Michigan. Barrett Middle School (1900-2006) - Original South High School building (Named for South's 1st Principal Charles S. Barrett 1900-1920), Brentnell Alternative Elementary - now the, Calumet School-Closed as a Columbus City School, however is now a private Christian school. Starling Middle School was the original West High School. This is the alternative to a "by district" election, in which only the registered voters of a particular geographic area may vote for a particular seat up for election. American Indian/Native Alaskan: 0.2%, This article is about school district serving Columbus, Ohio. All of our children got into outstanding colleges, and have done very well. They offer many opportunities for students to take college courses while in high school, join extracurricular activities, and provide information to contact military services (for students who want to enlist) and colleges (for those who want to enroll). [12][13], Columbus City Schools received a D on the state's Performance Index and an F in the Indicators Met section. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. My school is very proud of their students and always encourages us to do our best and to treat others with respect. Bullying and other sorts of disturbance happens and are not noticed. Court of Appeals | Personally, I would not have wanted to attend any other school. I was asked a couple of weeks ago by people who were thinking about moving to Gahanna, and I told them all the scoop on what it's like to have children in the community. Almost everyone passes but that doesn't mean that they're educated.Read 2 Reviews, Freshman: One thing I like most about Southwest licking local school district is the teachers and educators. This made me realize I wanted to pursue education along with law enforcement.Read 45 Reviews, Senior: Wellington High School is smaller than many schools, which means I have an opportunity to get to know people better. It doesn't just stop after you graduate, they truly want to see you succeed. Thereafter, it was home to Arts Impact Middle School for 17 years before Columbus Gifted Academy took over. They never listen to teachers, are disruptive in class, and often get absolutely no punishment for their actions. I've attended Bloom-Carroll since the start of kindergarten. Teachers in this district look out for the best interest of their students and often will seek out ways to help students learn more about certain subjects they're interested in. As soon as freshmen year I had the chance to help as a Educorp a student helper. Academics are also amazing. K-8 Schools: 4 The buildings have a lot of big classrooms! The classroom size are small enough that you can get personalized attention from the teacher. There is great school spirit and everyone in the school is extremely friendly. Public pensions | Over all I believe Bloom-Carroll is an amazing school where any student can be successful, make friends, and become a better educated person.Read 27 Reviews, Senior: In Reynoldsburg City Schools, I like that there are a lot of different choices for academic classes, so students never need to feel stuck with their schedule. I was able to play three sports, and keep my grades up. Most teachers usually have a smiling face from what I can see so far. The result was forced busing to desegregate all schools in the Columbus Public School district.


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