Talking to a therapy professional can help you learn new skills for applying concrete and abstract thinking skills in your life. Or to put it simply, is concrete thinking "abnormal"? You should not take any action or avoid taking any action without consulting with a qualified mental health professional. Concrete thinkers only have a generalized concept for all things. » Jean Piaget uses the terms "concrete" and "formal" to describe two different types of learning. Harrow, Martin PhD; Alder, David MD; Hanf Edif MSW. This is an offshoot of creative thinking. In fact I felt lied to when I found when I was in highschool there was no friends there.Well there was maybe one but not a whole group. A person with abstract thinking will see the Statue of Liberty differently. Someone who thinks more abstractly can do better on intelligence tests. One is the word you are looking for to replace herself or himself. A mental model that I frequently use is the Ladder of Abstraction. The Statue of Liberty is just a piece of concrete for the person with concrete thinking and it is a piece of art for the person with abstract thinking. There are other types of thinkers as well, with many of them being an offshoot of abstract thinking. Using a tutorial, concrete thinkers can learn to think more abstractly. A person with concrete thinking does not think beyond the facts. In simple terms, concrete thinkers rarely see the bigger picture. If you want to learn how to use concrete and abstract thinking skills together to make better decisions, a licensed professional like a therapist can help. However, testing should be done carefully, because people with poor educational background will not be able to perform proverb testing which results in a wrong impression. Just for fun. Nexito is commonly... Restyl  is a brand of Alprazolam manufactured in India. Also, it seems to be a diagnostic criteria as well. Bandaralk,Thanks for the comment, According to my knowledge, concrete thinking can be abnormal, if it occurs persistently in adults. RESPONSIBILITY[MENTAL HEALTH], COMPASSION COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION -REALITY CHECK, ARTICLE 1,2,3,4, COMPASSION COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION -REALITY CHECK, ARTICLE 1,2,3, COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION -REALITY CHECK, ARTICLE 1,2, COMPASSION FOCUSED THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION -REALITY CHECK, ARTICLE 1, MEMORY AS IMAGES [MENTAL HEALTH] ARTICLE 1,2,3, MEMORY AS IMAGES ARTICLE 1, 2 [MENTAL HEALTH ], GENERAL VERSUS SPECIFIC MEMORIES (MENTAL HEALTH), RECURRENT INTRUSIVE MEMORIES IN DEPRESSION, THE BIRDS MAKE SOCIAL DISTANCE BECAUSE OF COVID-19, MEMORIES AS ‘GHOSTS FROM THE PAST’ ARTICLE 1,2,3,4[MENTAL HEALTH], NO WORRIES ABOUT THE FUTURE AS WE THINK WISELY, WATCH THE TWO CUTE BIRDS TO KNOW WELL, MEMORIES AS ‘GHOSTS FROM THE PAST’ ATICLE 1,2,3 [MENTAL HEALTH], MUSICAL PIECE 26 FOR DEPRESSION,STRESS,FEARS, ANXIETY AND LOW MOOD, MEMORIES AS ‘GHOSTS FROM THE PAST’ ARTICLE 1,2,3 [MENTAL HEALTH], MEMORIES AS ‘GHOSTS FROM THE PAST’ ARTICLE 1, 2 [MENTAL HEALTH], MUSICAL PIECE 25 FOR DEPRESSION,FEARS,STRESS,ANXIETY AND LOW MOOD, MEMORIES AS ‘GHOSTS FROM THE PAST’ ARTICLE 1 [MENTAL HEALTH], MUSICAL PIECE 22 FOR DEPRESSION,STRESS,FEARS, ANXIETY AND LOW MOOD, ARE MEMORIES FACTS?


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