Example: Following the Greatest Hits Content research process, Shane found the perfect topic to attract his ideal clients: The headline and intro directly call out the target reader: "You're a highly skilled professional making mid six-figures/year plus.". Shane knew he was creating great content, but needed a way to get it out to his audience (professionals making mid six-figures/year plus). As you can see from Mike’s table of contents, he didn’t “save” any of his best information on the topic: Mike has peace of mind that if he wants a steady flow of prospects headed his way at all times, he has a content asset he can continue to promote to draw in new clients. If you add variety to your content, you’ll get an opportunity to surprise your audience and catch their attention. While they may focus on sharing their content on their own social media channel, they stand out from other channels because they go out of their way to create top-quality research and share it with their users.Â. 10%+ conversion rates (from traffic to email leads). Result: $15,000 net new revenue from one case study in 14 days, plus $52,000 in additional pipeline revenue. -ON24. Some of them include Libsyn, Garageband, SoundCloud, Audacity, and Podbean. Simply heading over to Instagram and tying in #shareacoke garners over 660,000 social images shared by the brand and its followers. How I Predict Google Ads Results (With $0 Ad Spend). People like to become Ed’s leads because he leads with valuable content, and gives them something with true utility (his Google ads forecasting spreadsheet): This is a simple but effective tool his ideal client’s can use to work out their Google ads results (with $0 ad spend). A professionally designed product brochure will always come handy to help you set-up meetings with prospective customers. He wants to be working with six-figure professionals who can afford his program AND who he can get results for fast. Before joining Content Mavericks, Shane was stuck creating content for content sake. Content Marketing does not just include written content. (Without having to create new content every single week.). With this one proven content asset (his case study), Grant is now going to scale promotion even more using the content distribution ads framework inside the program: Grant wanted a simple funnel to fill his sales pipeline for his lead generation product: BuyerMovement. Have a look at these awesome content marketing examples that went viral to upgrade your content marketing strategy. In the first 10 days, Mohammed also landed a $6,000 client from this one post (for his content consulting services): Now he’s packaged up what he did into a case study using the same AIDA writing template to attract more clients: Today, Mohammed doesn’t have to worry about hunting down new clients all the time. Take a look at this awesome example of 360 video from Oreo: An ebook is a great way to educate your audience about a topic that’s relevant to your industry. 3x more organic traffic (with 3x less content). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Listen to the interview below to hear more about how Tyler did it: In 9 months, Tyler Basu doubled his clients monthly organic traffic from 2,040 to 6,040 visitors: Getting initial traction can be HARD, so take careful note of what Tyler did below to get results (and manage his clients "More Content, More Traffic" expectations). Your email address will not be published. Before, there was barely enough traffic to justify doing that. They paid tribute to one of the most-watched tv shows of all time in Hootsuite style, taking the chance put forward their products in “Game of Social Thrones”. But, what’s even more remarkable is that, according to a 2015 survey conducted by the company, eight of 10 readers have bought a product from Sainsbury’s after reading about it in the magazine. Our experts will call you soon and schedule one-to-one demo session with you, by Abhishek Talreja | Dec 7, 2017 | Content Marketing, Guest Posts. That’s when Grant found the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content program. In short, it has to make itself marketable and sellable. $3,500/mo coaching retainers. Picking the right type of content can seem like an overwhelming task. Mike had expertise in (from scaling his own businesses with copywriting). Soon Tyler will have this blog generating 10,000+ visitors per month with hundreds of qualified leads coming in every week on autopilot. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.- Wordstream. In the past, he tried hiring an SEO expert for $1,500 per month for six months. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Content Marketing does not just include written content. You can conduct surveys and publish original data to get more traction on your website. GIFs are an awesome content type to catch the user’s attention. A Facebook post CAN’T get more than 1,999,999 likes? Brick and mortar store that sells baby strollers? He also tried hiring a Facebook ads expert for $1,500/mo + $1,000/mo on ads. Everyone loves watching videos for getting any type of information at all. In five days, Mike Giannulis landed a $3,500/mo coaching client from one blog post. In the age of industrialization and widespread use of technology, content marketing strategy has gained tremendous... WOW, This information is very useful in the field of digital marketing! There is a range of interesting Types of Content Marketing that you can explore. In the past, Ed tried hiring a lot of freelancers, hiring full-time writers on staff and of course, naked fire walking: Although the writer’s he hired were OK, and the naked fire walking was good for Ed’s ego, it didn’t get Ed any closer to the holy grail: That’s when Ed learned how to use a “utility template” blog post to cover a topic, and convert readers into leads at 13.84%: Using the AIDA writing template inside the Greatest Hits Content program, Ed had an effective framework to write a compelling headline and intro: FYI: Writing 3,000 word articles is easy - getting people hooked within the first 30 seconds, is not. Example of Social Media Content Marketing. With that said, we’ve compiled a go-to list of real-world content marketing examples to help marketing teams get started creating content that works. LinkedIn is another brand that stands out thanks to its multi-format approach to content marketing. You can use different types of mailers to engage with your target audience – welcome emails, product updates, educational mailers, promotional mailers, company news, order confirmation and thank you emails etc. Published: July 10th, 2020. 3x more organic traffic (with 3x less content). If you’d like to learn how to create ONE content asset you can use to attract clients who can afford your high ticket consulting or coaching:=> Join the Greatest Hits Content program (currently open for enrollment). Content marketing examples. Content Marketing is changing and leveraging different Types of Content Marketing is a necessity for businesses to get the desirable results from it. Five Content Marketing Examples. Grant wrote ONE step-by-step case study on the unique process he uses to get his clients results: He then promoted the case study on LinkedIn (using his partners LinkedIn account): To get over 100 likes and 100 comments on the post, Grant sent this email to dream clients in his sales pipeline (using Blake’s email): This resulted in 150 new leads for his “50 Leads For Free” offer: Which turned into one new $15,000 client and $52,000 in additional sales pipeline: As Grant was promoting his case study, he used the private support in The Boardroom (Content Mavericks private Slack group) to get direct feedback on his content promotion strategy: The biggest thing Grant learnt from the program was the power of scaling content promotion (not content production). After joining Content Mavericks, Ed learned how to use a proven writing template, charm, Aussie wit, and golden hot pants to hold his reader’s attention: The writing template and golden hot pants (especially the golden hot pants) got Ed’s readers to stick around longer, stay interested and convert into new email subscribers.


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