The design mainly provides support, and the thinner build condenses this. Got any sleep hacking tips you'd like to share? It helps eliminate heat from you throughout the night. Reduces Pressure and Improves Sleep. If you are the type that wakes up all sweaty at night, look for a pillow with a material that does not retain any heat. Please note, this site is part of the Amazon Associates Program as well as several other affiliate programs. It comes in various colors. I have been the H2S editor since 2017 and am responsible for overseeing all new reviews and buyer guides posted on the site. After looking over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow. 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Therapeutic, Ideal for People Looking for Proper Neck Support. And while a high-quality, supportive mattress can do a lot to help alleviate some amount of pain, it’s not the only factor affecting how you feel in the morning. I am our resident Dreams Analyst. The product’s curved design helps to balance the shoulder’s pressure while supporting the shoulders or neck. The article also highlights the things to consider before buying a contour pillow. This Contour Pillow has a unique design that allows you to adjust the pillow’s height by removing part of the memory foam padding from the base. This allows you to sleep cozily in any position. Cotton with a 350-thread count is the best pillowcase material as it’s super soft and 100% natural. It’s also perfect for all sleeping positions. It dissipates excess body heat to achieve cozier sleep. Orthopedic contour pillows come in shapes that conform to particular parts of the body. While you can’t put the memory foam itself in the washing machine, you can unzip the pillow, take out the memory foam, and put the cover in the washing machine without an issue. The cover of the pillow is zip-off, easy to remove, and machine washable. However, if you need extra support and enjoy a firm pillow, it could be a perfect fit. 【Ergonomic Design】①The contour pillow maintains the natural curve of the neck with cervical contour to support your neck properly. This best contour pillow is ergonomically developed to conform to your body shape, aligning your back, knees, and legs. I have studied the psychology and science behind sleep for over 8 years. Many of the best contour pillows have memory foam as the primary material, and luckily, some of them come with technologies that provide cooling effects. A firm pillow is uncomfortable. This does not affect the price you pay, but it does help us to keep the site running! It gives side sleepers the ergonomic curve they need. With the full story, you can decide for yourself if it is the perfect option for you. So long as you enjoy firmer pillows and don’t mind the airing-out period, it could be the perfect addition to your night. For people prone to aches and pains, the best contour pillow would be their best option. That means you’re kept properly aligned throughout the night, so you can wake up without aches or pains. Because it is rather firm, you may experience an “adjustment period” with this pillow. Shop for memory foam contour pillow online at Target. It also comes with the option of adjusting the height to suit your preferences. The pillow is also the perfect choice for back and side sleepers, and its hypoallergenic nature means that it is safe to use for anyone. (Removable Bamboo Cover Included). Enclosing all these layers is a removable cover, made of a rayon and polyester blend. Please refer to our earnings disclosure for more information. We love saving you money. You can check the best brand names by reading reviews and asking people that you know use contour pillows. We try and test different pillows in the market and write you a comprehensive and honest review of each product. It offers pregnancy support for enhanced sleep in expectant mothers.


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