We tried our best to choose the best boards available and make sure the... My Set Up. It's made of solid wood and you won't need a ton of tools to whip it out. https://www.hertoolbelt.com/king-x-barn-door-farmhouse-bed-plans We purchased lumber at Home Depot. Biscuit Joiner (this is optional and I’ll discuss it more below. I had everything else, including the K5 Kreg Jig! Tools. Farmhouse King Bed frame costs just a fraction to build vs buy. I borrowed a sliding miter saw from my dad! DIY King Size Farmhouse Bed The Lumber. You'll love the step by step diagrams, shopping list and cut list. I found a local lumber company that was... Cut List. DIY Farmhouse Bed – King Version King Size Measurements. Like my set up? We also have Queen Farmhouse Bed Plans, and check out our full room build with this bed … A standard king sized mattress is 76″ wide by 80″ long, but it’s always a good idea when... Materials List:.


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