Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acabb2dbf0155ade9d423fbb8e69c238" );document.getElementById("c3d6f43422").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Sometimes I am bored with regular Kettlebell workouts, but this new challenge inspires me again. Set the kettlebell on the floor in-between your knees and ankles with a slightly wider-than-shoulder-width stance. The hardstyle deadlift is one of my favorite exercises for many reasons. For example, “If you use a 16 kg Kettlebell for single exercises, then start with 2x Kettlebells each of Y Kg for dual exercises”. Required fields are marked *. Do your best to keep your shoulders square throughout the movement and do not shift your weight more to one side. Get your proper set up and go for it! Brilliant for the core muscles and also the stabilising health of your shoulders. Tighten you glutes and get your core in action as you raise your body with your arms extended. Kettlebell Deadlift Steps. 4) Double Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift Single Leg Deadlift with 2 Kettlebells The deadlift movement pattern is naturally the strongest so the extra weight will offer you some great benefits for the core, buttocks and hamstrings. Let me know more below: Your email address will not be published. The latter reflects a more hardstyle or foundational form of kettlebell training and, in my opinion, is the most suited for new trainees, athletes, coaches and trainers looking to learn and teach others. There are two ways you can execute this movement with either both palms facing back, which will require a slightly wider stance; or with both thumbs forward where you also turn the handles forward and allow the bells and your feet to be closer together. The double sumo deadlift finds us with two bells in-between your feet. Related: The one kettlebell exercise a day workout, Watch the Kettlebell Clean, Squat and Press (Just hold another kettlebell for the double). All prices are in USD © 2020 Kettlebell Kings. Doug Fioranelli is the owner of Rise Above Performance Training® where he uses personal, progressive programming to increase his athletes’ performance and reduce their risk for injury. You use the same range of motion when you lift heavy things, pick up children, carry groceries, and do yard work and various maintenance activities. Hinge the hips back as you lower the kettlebells back between your feet. Perform a regular kettlebell windmill but with a kettlebell in each hand. Top 7 Floor Based Kettlebell Core Exercises, How to Fix Bad Knees (plus a Bad Knees Workout), How to Perform Low Impact Cardio for Beginners Plus…, 7 Best Kettlebell Glutes Exercises (plus Kettlebell…, How to Use Kettlebell Warm Up Exercises to Avoid…, Kettlebell Workout for Runners with 6 Must Know Exercises. Both Double Kettlebell Squats and Lunges are a great introduction into Double Kettlebell Training. Kettlebell training can be performed with one kettlebell or two. A great one to enhance grip strength and anti-rotational core control. The deadlift movement pattern uses a lot of muscles.It is the big hitter of movements and fundamentally helps us lift heavy objects from the floor using the power of the legs, buttocks, back, and core muscles. Learn more: Master the single leg deadlift exercise, Watch the Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift (Just hold another kettlebell for the double). Roll the shoulders back so that the arms are firmly pulled into their sockets, and completely flatten out the spine. Lower slowly to a 3 second count and then drive back up using your buttocks and hips. Finally drive up and press both bells overhead. With a soft bent knee and flat back slowly lower forwards on one leg keeping your weight back on your heal. Thank you for all the helpful tips! Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift. You should have the double kettlebell deadlift in your kettlebell strength program. Below I have listed a two kettlebell workout along with 5 of my favourite two kettlebell exercises. Another huge cardiovascular exercise that will hit almost every muscle in your body. - The deadlift is one of the foundation exercises of fitness. The double kettlebell deadlift is a very functional movement because it correlates with many activities that you do on a daily basis. Sitemap, Website Design & Developed By : Cart Consultant, Kettlebell Foundations: Kettlebell Deadlift Progressions, Doug is training with his Kettlebell Kings Powder Coated Kettlebell. Secondly, it is a great way to teach someone how to hinge at their hips which has many benefits including: increased glute and hamstring activation for muscle building and proper hip drive which is important for proper execution of other kettlebell movement as well as enhanced sports performance. 3 Kettlebell deadlift benefits 1 – Full body muscle activation. Your email address will not be published. For this one, my athlete is doing three reps per exercise. The deadlift movement pattern is naturally the strongest so the extra weight will offer you some great benefits for the core, buttocks and hamstrings. My name is Johnny Nasello. Please check out the video below for all of the complete details discussed above. You use the same range of motion when you lift heavy things, pick up children, carry groceries, and do yard work and various maintenance activities. Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 1st May 2018. “You should be able to lift more weight naturally using the kb deadlift than any other exercise” There are huge benefits to be had from just using one kettlebell so always master your Swings, Cleans, Squats, Lunges, Get Ups etc with one bell first. Thanks for reading! To see more posts about general kettlebells workouts and advice, go here. The best collection of kettlebell videos on the internet! I want to help you Get Fit! With two kettlebells, you can really start to move some serious weight around and enhance your grip and core strength. In this Hardstyle Series for Kettlebell Kings I will completely breakdown all of the essential kettlebell exercises in article and video format so you can add this tool, with confidence, to your training arsenal and achieve the results you are looking for. Make sure to subscribe to our posts by enter your email address in the right column if you are reading this on a desktop or below if on a mobile device! Generate as much power from the hips as possible. Filed Under: Kettlebells Tagged With: dead lift, deadlift, kettlebell exercise. Click to access the login or register cheese. The double kettlebell swing is a complex swing variation that requires great control, coordination, and stability in the core and upper body. Next squat down with the kettlebell in the racked position. We are excited to work with Dough Fioranelli, owner of Rise Above Performance Training on a super informative series about hardstyle kettlebell movements. Follow me on Facebook, and Instagram. You should feel a great core contraction during these sets and they also transfer well to farmers walk training. Do not worry if you or your client cannot perform a proper deadlift right out of the gate, it just means we must take a small step back; enter the elevated kettlebell deadlift. Just remember the basic set up and execution is always the same. By using two kettlebells with this exercise, you will be able to provide a sufficient weight load to challenge your body’s systems, and get great results! In the upright position, make sure that your glutes are squeezed and your abdominals are still engaged. Doug created and awesome video demonstration and explanation of all the movements which you can watch below!


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