Thank goodness for the alchemic genius of Lesley Gracie. The elderflower gin and tonic is one of the exceptions. I used Trader Joe’s gin for this recipe. But, swap for a higher quality gin for a smoother cocktail. So yes, this elderflower gin fizz uses egg whites! This is the cocktail … Lesley is the woman who created Hendrick's Gin, and this is how she chooses to drink it. If you don’t have Prosecco to hand, however, not to worry, you can still create cocktail magic by using dry white wine that might be in the back of your cupboard. Elderflower cordial is known to cool you down and is great refreshment in the hot summer months. Smooth and floral with room for Hendrick's botanical wonders to shine through like the light of a supernova illuminating a mermaid at a clog dance. It’s a decent gin for $11 and gets the job done. Best Gin, Elderflower and Wine Cocktails. This gin tonic cocktail with elderflower flavors is great at a garden BBQ party or a hot summer soiree. The Bluebird Ingredients: • 30ml The Lakes Elderflower Gin … The gin and tonic is my favorite cocktail, hands … There aren’t very many cocktails that I enjoy enough to make over and over again. With this elderflower syrup cocktail… Though, if you are vegan you can omit the eggs whites, you may just need to adjust the ratios of the ingredients a bit to balance the tastes out.


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