Personal Awarness of Architecture in the City Essay, Essential Characteristics for Professional Success Essay, Essay on The Swedish Model of Labor Market, Essay on Health Care Services with Different Ethnic Groups, Chuorinkan and Kignae Houses in Tokoyo, Japan Essay. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. However, I feel that learning a new language other than English is waste of time because it will be less in practice.Please could someone give me some feedback? In this essay, I will attempt to explain the advantages and disadvantages of this view from my own personal perspective.To begin with, a child's mind cannot absorb too many contents at primary school and bombarding him with words from two languages (native and foreign) may lead his mind into a state of confusion. Do you agree or disagree?It is said that living abroad would help improve your foreign language abilities and knowledge of another culture. About internal factors we have to take into account the cognitive mechanism which enable learners to extract information about L2 from the input, in this case, learners can realize about some rules such as the plurality of verbs and the “s” for third person. 1. This book is not copyright protected. communication. This is because I don’t believe beginning foreign language learning at primary school will put that much of an enormous stress on the kids’ mind and body. To get used to their teaching manner, which is totally different from ours, is more challenging. Having a language in common, they would be able to carry out business, entertainment and trading. clearly, this child would face no difficulty if he is taught the third language at secondary school.Other commentators are of the view that foreign languages should be taught at primary school as it will spark the interest of learning new languages in the child's mind and as he grows up, by the time he enters secondary school he might be able to communicate in the foreign language. Explanation is the goal that identifies the external and internal factors which have influence in the process of acquisition. As we know second language acquisition focusses on the developing knowledge and use of a language by children and adults who already know at least one other language. I … Individual differences in second language Learning In addition, there are some intrinsic differences that are the main concern of many linguists in field of learning and language acquisition. These cannot easily be improved if we use it uncommonly.Moreover, we may confront many situations which we have never faced up before. Learning a foreign language is very important as you can develop a good friendship by learning their national languages, you feel pleasure as you feel that you can understand other languages as well, you can also become a better learner so … And am just worried about writing as i want to score 7.5+. Whether it should be initiated at primary level education or at secondary school level. ...English is an international language which is used officially all around the world. For this reason, it is obvious that starting it early in primary school give children more benefits.After compiling that brain development phase information about imitating ability that contributes to language training as well as the fact that getting early exposure that can give more advantages, it is clear that the best time to begin learning foreign language is at primary school. Success in learning English means master not only language skills but also language components. It just talks about the grasping capabilities and the like but it has to talk specifically how it is going to be benefit like finding good jobs, taking a course in foreign language,etc. are a number of language schools promising that they will teach you to speak fluently. There English is an international language is it required in most countries. A student studying at Class one for instance, who just started to talk in his mother tongue will face great difficulty in learning a second language.


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