Who would want dusty vinyl or external hard drives if they could have all the music they wanted on their phone or laptop for a low subscription price? Spotify has now introduced a “tip jar” on artist pages, encouraging listeners to directly donate to artists or to coronavirus relief efforts. The direct connection between fans, artists and labels, whether it’s leaving a positive review or paying an extra few pounds because it’s your favourite artist, is about “being an agent, rather than a passive participant,” he says. Listen to the latest episode of Bandcamp Radio. They waive their fees, raise cash for Juneteenth and champion everything from vaporwave to eco-grime. And now some genuinely great news in an otherwise unremarkable week. The format’s resurgence—once dismissed as a niche byproduct of hipster affectation—is now firmly established, and seen for what it truly represents: a mainstream desire to connect more deeplyContinue reading “Create Vinyl with Bandcamp”, We’re excited to introduce a new feature for label and Pro accounts: the ability to license albums to labels in specific territories. We’ve been inspired and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the artists, fans and labels in the Bandcamp community, who rapidly and enthusiastically backed this important cause. Support Artists Impacted By the Covid-19 Pandemic, Today, Stand with Bandcamp to Support Racial Justice, Equality, and Change, Update on Friday’s Campaign to Support Artists During the Covid-19 Pandemic, How Eldritch Sports Sim “Blaseball” Inspired A 20-Person Rock Band, A Brief Guide to the Shape of “Jazz Rap” Today, A Guide to the Music of Scott Grooves, House Music’s Unsung Hero, Chicago Rapper Chris Crack Has Been on a Creative Bender, Mike Cooper’s Soothing Steel Guitar Music Captures Climate Change’s Hidden Horrors, The Experimental Edge of the “New Weird South”. If you’re serious about that, then the welfare of artists is essential,” he says. Those independent labels aren’t big, mega-funded corporations; they’re small businesses, and that was amazing to see.”, Miles Opland, head of Bristol-based experimental dub label Bokeh Versions, got together with his Avon Terror Corps collective to donate sales from a “name your price” compilation to homeless charities in his city. 2017 was another stellar year for Bandcamp, with double digit growth in every aspect of the business. Spotify would be “better than piracy”, thought its 23-year-old creator, Daniel Ek. The result of this shift, as musicians from Taylor Swift to Thom Yorke to Joanna Newsom have complained, has been paltry payouts for artists and a consolidation of power among tech companies. With his tousled hair and horn-rimmed glasses, he’s more stylish and genial than the stereotypical tech entrepreneur. I don’t have a way to post messages.”. The early years of the site were defined by outsiderdom – video game soundtracks, internet-born genres such as vaporwave and seapunk, music for the “furries” subculture of people who dress as animals – and you can still find pretty much anything, from pirate metal to eco-grime. On 20 March, fans bought 800,000 records on Bandcamp in 24 hours, totalling $4.3m of music and merchandise – 15 times more than a typical Friday. Author Archives: Ethan Diamond Create Vinyl with Bandcamp. The streaming services aren’t designed for music like that. Escaping the toxic building, Ethan chose 12 of his rock opera demos to turn into something new on a recording rig in his new mini-kitchen. So is Bandcamp going to save the music industry? November 02, 2020 We started Bandcamp Fridays back in March to support artists impacted by the pandemic , and in the past few months the music community has come together in a huge way: in just four days, fans put more than $20 million directly into the pockets of artists and labels. “It can’t be that music is a commodity, or content to use to sell advertising or a subscription plan. Bandcamp announced three more fee-waiver days. Here’s how territory licensing on Bandcamp works. San Francisco, California; Funk bandcamp.com. We take the term sustainability from the environment – the whole idea of scaling up is disastrous on a global scale.”. One critical artist, who asked to remain anonymous, comes from a label that has put out hundreds of albums of ambient music and amassed a significant international fanbase. Absolutely not, according to musician and writer Damon Krukowski – and that’s for the best. What began as a liberating force is starting to fester into a rigid dead end, stifling the creative freedom of artists by indirectly and facelessly demanding they comply with the cultural standards they dictate to us.”. Five thousand miles away from Oakland, California, another startup millionaire was launching his own music service in Stockholm, one that would give listeners access to everything ever recorded. But for as many great reasons to sell merch throughContinue reading “Big Improvements to Selling Merch on Bandcamp”, Thanks to everyone who stood with immigrants and refugees by joining today’s fundraiser for the ACLU. Generally, support for Bandcamp among artists and fans is high. Meanwhile, Bandcamp has become the rarest of Silicon Valley stories: a slow-burn success. “Freaks on the music scene do that, music writers do that, really skilful radio programmers do that. “With Spotify, it wouldn’t be possible to do any fundraising because everything is so siloed off. The Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels is here! For 11 years it’s a line like this,” says Diamond, holding his hand out at a gentle incline. Check out the screencast above for more details, and grab itContinue reading “Introducing the Bandcamp App for Artists and Labels”, We are very happy to share that Chad Dickerson has joined Bandcamp as an advisor! Over the years, eight or nine (thousand) people have written to us asking for more ways to pay artists on Bandcamp. Vinyl sales grew 48%, cassettes were up 58%, even CD sales grew 14%. edit profile. When Ethan Diamond founded Bandcamp in 2008, he imagined it an alternative to MySpace: an easy-to-use website where bands could interact with fans and sell music. “I had no idea what to expect, but the whole thing was inspiring,” Diamond says. On 1 May, fans splurged $7.1m; millions more were spent on 5 June, with another waiver day coming up on 3 July. Bandcamp is Diamond’s second winning bet, launched after he sold his first company, an email service called Oddpost, to Yahoo in 2004. If they choose to spend £5 on a Bandcamp download that they could have for nothing, then those fans aren’t just a market – they’re a community. share profile. Another $30,000 has been allocated each year to partner with organisations that campaign for racial justice; Björk has uploaded her catalogue to the site, and donated two days’ sales to Black Lives Matter UK. “They’re never going to pick out the thing that’s different,” says Krakowski. In contrast, Bandcamp is all about interaction – fans are invited to leave reviews, share their collections and send and receive messages from artists they follow. He’s a genuine music lover, too – a former saxophone player who likes to browse the racks at Groove Merchant in San Francisco. Sales of vinyl records on Bandcamp have grown 600% in the last five years, and every month another 3,500 unique vinyl albums are added to the site. While many brands and corporations have offered inert symbols of “solidarity” with campaigners for social and racial justice – Spotify added 8 minutes 46 seconds of silence to select playlists, the length of time it took George Floyd to die under a police officer’s knee – Bandcamp’s fundraisers can’t be misconstrued as politically neutral. bandcamp.com) collection 546; followers 2951; following 722; Mushroom Kingdom / Bonsoy (gift given) by Sunfruits. “When you have not surrendered your agency, it makes perfectly natural sense to think, ‘What can I do with that agency to take some action?’”, Support for the fundraisers is widespread, but, with around half of Bandcamp’s sales coming from outside the US, the focus on American causes hasn’t gone unnoticed. He is suspicious of the desire to “scale up”, an impulse that is at the heart of Silicon Valley capitalism. Founder Ethan Diamond explains how he did it, Last modified on Wed 1 Jul 2020 17.16 BST. Chad’s many years of experience running Etsy (one of the largest and most successful global marketplaces) will be hugely valuable to us as we continue to make Bandcamp the best platform for artists and fans around the world. More than once, Diamond makes the case that music “is essential for humanity. Furthermore, hisContinue reading “Chad Dickerson Joins Bandcamp’s Advisory Board”, Merch on Bandcamp had a good 2016. Sometimes, besides just passing the money on to their artists, they gave to food banks and other organisations. “As a non-American,” he says in an email, “I object to the idea that my music is used by Bandcamp to push what are essentially American political messages, regardless of whether I agree with the spirit of the message. With music magazines and websites battered by budget cuts and layoffs, the Daily has ended up as one of the few remaining outlets for serious writing about everything from sludge metal and power ambient to Black Appalachian banjoists and modern Māori music. Imagine you’re a label releasing an album, and you’ve partnered with another label to distribute it to fans in Iceland. Generally, support for Bandcamp among artists and fans is high. But the algorithm is never going to do that.”. He’s worried that doing so could make it seem like he’s capitalizing on a national catastrophe. Independent record shops may be monitoring the situation with caution, but if … A Black Lives Matter protest this month … Bandcamp has announced it will fund the NAACP Legal Defense Fund amid the recent protests. In the album editor, you’ll seeContinue reading “Territory licensing comes to Bandcamp”. I have no way to communicate with anyone who streams our music. Start your own! This cornucopia is investigated on Bandcamp Daily, an editorial arm launched in 2016 to shine a light on the mind-boggling variety and volume of uploads to the site. “By doing that it makes [fans] feel like they’re part of that music’s creation,” he says. Bandcamp favourites … Ana Roxanne, Björk and Dam Funk. “People feel like their money is going somewhere, and not getting lost in this big black box of royalty nightmares,” says Opland. “This year will be the first year where there’s a noticeable change in the growth rate, and that is because of the pandemic and the awareness that has been raised around the need for fans to directly support artists.”, When Covid-19 hit, Bandcamp announced it would waive its usual 15% fee for one day in order to support artists affected by the shutdown of live music.


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