Short term goals: Thank you for posting. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens. As you don't yet have the money, get the 400,000 euro loan from the bank before actually purchasing the new garage (though only get the loan when you are in front of the garage you want to buy or you may end up paying installments before you end up using the money). This makes the Iveco only 89,100 euros, so buy at least two and send them to the new garage (don't drive them yourself). There you go! When they level up, check the driver management and change their training as appropriate. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck simulation game released by SCS Software in 2012, and is the sequel to Euro Truck Simulator. Im so happy and paid back all my loan =)This topic can be closed now. visit cities and be able to grab cargo from discovered cities. We take one rank here to open this job type and have at least one rank when we start on the ADR jobs. Go to the driver manager and set the training policy of your new hires to Long Distance. Minor bug fixes. After each job, head to the closest repair shop and fix you truck (even if you didn't have any accidents along the way). Select it and click Take Job. Hire at least two drivers from the recruitment agency (again go through the main menu). [ConSecGroup] Justin Updated UI This is enough to haul even the heaviest loads (25 tons in an unmodified game) and can therefore take you all the way to end-game. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This skill opens important deliveries at rank 1 and urgent deliveries at rank 2. Added Error handler finish sharing functions for truck parts. Though at first this seems a very nice skill, there is a drawback. Assign the new drivers to the trucks you just purchased. Edit: I download it and put it in my mod folder and logged into SP and went to painshop and i couldn't find the hack thing. All showrooms are open. Your email address will not be published. At each level up, you will gain a skill point. This is done by purchasing new garages. Modding. add the ability to creat jobs for Cargo market (have couple ideas). Buy the truck. As of v1.11 of the game, the fragile cargo icon is no longer hidden for ADR jobs. Here's an example of a delivery with both ADR (class 2) and fragile cargo bonuses. 2.1.5 Italia 2.1.6 Beyond the Baltic Sea 2.1.7 Road to the Black Sea 2.1.8 Iberia (upcoming DLC) 3 Trucks 4 DLCs 5 References 6 See also A new gameplay … This skill reduces the amount of fuel consumed while driving (reduced by 5% + an aditional 5% per skill rank). Alternate between the two until both are complete. Set the GPS destination to this job and drive over to the pick-up point. but there is one thing missing - you don't tell that the game is meant to be played with a 900 degree steering wheels. As this is the very start of the game, the first goal is to get your own truck. “My Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod” folder. Minor bug fixes and updates, Change log v0.2.2.2 Thanks for this Guide, helpful for beginners to get started. You will need to visit the dealer as you must possess at least five trucks before using the "online" purchases ("online" here is merely an in-game convenience thing and isn't going to take you to a real website for DLC content). The least useful of the skills. Don't forget that you will still need some money to cover expenses and the new driver will likely lose money until they level up a bit. Sign up for a new account in our community. Updated translation Do the drivers also work online? Second rank of Just-In-Time Hoping to start a new journey in Euro Truck Simulator 2?, just drop the scs file in mods folder go on SP and paintjobs and keep picking free money 100,000 etc. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. edit player level and skill. You can: edit Local and Steam save files edit player level and skill. This will bring the price of the Volvo down to 94,430. Now that you have a truck, you can pick up jobs from the Freight Market instead of quick jobs. Ecodriving Very comprehensive. Repeat until all three garage slots are filled with drivers and trucks (this should bring you up to level 14 or so). Added ability to Share Convoy Control spots It doesn't really matter what city this new garage is in, you just want another one somewhere. GAZ 3110 Volga Taxi with checkers in Traffic 1.39.x ETS2, MARIO MAP (EUROPE, AMERICA, RUSSIA) 1.23 For ETS2. Updated translation system Last three classes of ADR create custom jobs for Freight market. Change log in 0.2.2 Added ability to Share Convoy Control spots Updated UI Fixed FM cargo availability time Minor bug fixes. Lastly, avoid jobs that start and end in the same city as they aren't really worth the bother. on the map/GPS. Try to pick jobs that start and/or stop at cities you haven't been to before, though largest cash reward is still priority. Enter Euro Truck Simulator. Great guide! This skill opens new and better paying jobs, as well as giving an 18% XP bonus for high value cargo and a 5% cash reward bonus per skill rank. should do mate go to spanner garage and pick paintjob etc should be top one, © TruckersMP Team edit company HQ and amount of money on account. These Euro Truck Simulator 2 cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. Driver: 58th level “Legend” (rating 10.0). Welcome to mid-game. Long term goals: While playing, you will receive messages as to what your drivers are doing. add editing and share functions for trailers. Also check the time the job offer is for. The job was marked only as an ADR class 2 job. 2.1.3 Scandinavia 2.1.4 Vive la France! First four ranks of Long Distance Which ADR class you select first isn't overly important but the explosives (class 1) and flammable liquids (class 3) seem to be more common. At each level up, you will gain a skill point. Then drive over to the garage you want and buy it. repair trailer. Fixed bugs, Change log v This is probably the most important skill as it gives both a 25% XP bonus for deliveries longer than 250 km and a 5% cash bonus per skill rank for deliveries that fall within that rank's distance. ADR This should then leave you with a little bit of money to help cover loan installements, fuel costs and possible repairs at the start of the next phase. To buy trucks for the new garage, visit the truck dealer via the main menu. Each ADR class unlocks new job types. Continue doing jobs until you receive an email from the bank saying they can help expand your business and that you are consistently getting jobs that pay 10,000 euros or more (this will take you to about level 3). Added Version checker Fear not, this is the guide for YOU! Important and urgent deliveries have a much smaller delivery time frame. You do not want to expand your tiny starter garage (at least not yet) as the cost to do so is the same as that of a new garage (180,000 euros) but will only give you two extra driver slots (your own truck takes up the third slot). American Truck Simulator Mods | Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods, Change log v Try selecting drivers that have skills that match up closest to the recommended skill point assignment. share truck paint job. Do jobs until you have 180,000 euros to get another garage. add the ability to edit save files from custom path. Updated UI Thumbs up for this full beginner guide! This program created for editing game save files. Ats save game, american truck save, american truck full save download. A new garage on the other hand will give you all three slots since your truck is still in the starter garage. First rank of Fragile Cargo Our Euro Truck Simulator 2 +8 trainer is now available for version and supports STEAM. Minor bug fixes and clenup, Change log in 0.2.2 Should i put the scsc folder into this folder and run the cmd or the java? Updated translation i now need to buy my own truck.. Before buying, change the paint to white, remove the front mirror and sunvisor (at about level 6 you can also change the steps to something cheaper, but at first the cheaper steps aren't unlocked). Updated UI October 31, 2019 in Beginners. More importantly, since the base reward for deliveries is based on distance, this skill also effectively increases the base reward of both money received (your driver charges a flat rate + a rate per km) and XP (you gain 1 XP per km driven on the job) making this skill your first priority. (Note that as of v1.11, the fragile cargo icon is no longer hidden on ADR jobs in the freight market.) Last two ranks of Long Distance This skill opens new and better paying jobs, as well as giving a 22% XP bonus for fragile cargo and a 5% cash reward bonus per skill rank. Finish off the ADR classes. Last three ranks of both Fragile Cargo and High Value Cargo NET Framework 4.7.2 It is pretty good for the players that are just starting to play this game. Verify that the job is still there (it'll be the one with the [GPS] icon on it. Since the penalty for a late delivery is very high, this skill should be taken later when you have a truck that can do the deliveries required. share GPS coordinates and paths that can be useful for Convoys. Modding pages and documentation were moved to a dedicated modding wiki accessible through When visiting cities, drive in front of areas that have a question mark (?) All love to Cheat Engine, so easy to use haha, go to Documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/config.cfg, It will be 0 make that 2 and save config and close it then open euro truck and close it too, Put scsc extractor in one folder and the game.sii where it is Documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/profiles/[profile numbers..]/save/, then look for last save file , Drag that game.sii to scsc rather than putting both of them in one folder. All Map unlocked Truck dealers. To help maximize profits, choose a city near the edges of the world map including over in the UK. “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder or if you play ATS please install mods to: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Many ADR jobs are also considered fragile cargo making this an important skill. Select the city you are in (select the city where the blue arrow on the map is) and select the job that gives the best rewards. You may consider taking out another 100,000 euro loan to get a truck and driver quickly (if you didn't take it for the garage itself). Download mod TS SaveEditor Tool v0.2.4 (1.38.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.TS SaveEditor Tool - this program is designed to edit save files.Works with both ETS2 and ATS. The driver’s picture, company logo, truck brand and company name can be changed by clicking on the “CHANGE” button. Hoping to do it online but dont know how to go about earning some money? Very interesting. Added Program settings Updated Color picker With this program, players will be able to change edit company HQ and amount of money on account. Make Explosives (Class 1) and Flammable Liquids (class 3) a priority. Does it still work? So we can give them the cheapest trucks available and they'll be fine. You'll likely be level 1 or 2 at most when this happens. It will go up as they level up. 1 Gameplay 2 Countries 2.1 Countries 2.1.1 Base Game 2.1.2 Going East! Now go to the Volvo dealer via the truck dealer's email and select the FH16 Classic Sleeper (the cheapest one, and likely the only one you are allowed to buy right now anyway).


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