What ‘Feels’ Right? Elixir Polyweb Electric Strings. Traditional 10 strings run from 0.010 to 0.046 in diameter, with the specific strings measuring 0.010 inches, 0.013 inches, 0.017 inches, 0.026 inches, 0.036 inches, and 0.046 inches at the bass side of the scale. Ernie Ball Cobalts. The high E, aka the first string, is the thinnest. GHS Nickel Rockers. A massive part of finding the right guitar string is feeling. D’Addario NYXL. IMAGE 15.JPG. 10-46 sets of strings, as they’re usually known, provide a great middle ground between lighter and heavier sets of strings. For example, 10-52 would mean the string gauges run from the high e string (10) to the low e string (52). Gauges What guitar string gauges should you use? This is a broad concept, but the right strings will always feel right in our hands. Rotosound Guitar Strings. (Image credit: Getty/Peter Dazeley) In standard tunings, the guitar strings are ordered E A D G B E. The low E, aka the sixth string, is the thickest. A good standard set of strings for a beginner will be 10-46, or high e 10 to low e 46. Best Guitar Strings For Beginners – Electric.


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