First, you must inspect all food sources for signs of weevil infestation. Traps will only ever reduce the population, they will never get rid of weevils completely. Pheromone smell attracts weevils [7], which are drawn to the trap and get caught in the sticky base. Spray neem oil in areas where weevils frequent. Leave no area untouched. Sprinkle DE in and around the areas where you find weevils. If freezing is not an option, heat treatment can also be used.Place the food in the oven for an hour or until the food is heated through at 140 deg. Do not add old food to new food. Freeze treatment requires placing the food in the freezer at a temperature below zero Fahrenheit for at least four days. When weevils come into contact with boric acid, they ingest the boric acid when they groom themselves. 4. Be aware that although the temperature will kill the weevils and larva, the insect bodies will remain in the food. However, placing bay leaves in your food does no harm and may work to repel weevils to a small degree. Do not store food in paper, cardboard or plastic bags. Weevils also know as Flour weevils, grain weevils or rice weevils are small beetles that can infest dried and stored food. This is one way to get rid of weevils that works well. Keep your pantry and shelves clean. Studies have proved that eucalyptus oil protects plants from rice weevils [4]. However, they are not pleasant roommates and if you want to treat your weevil infestation, there are plenty of home remedies to get rid of weevils you can try. Deep cleaning techniques should be used. Prevention is always better than cure. Whether you’re killing weevils in infested dry goods, or you’re trying to kill weevils in a new bag of rice or flour, you can bake it to achieve a 100% kill rate. If you have a weevil infestation, the chances are you will have consumed weevils without realizing when the infestation was not clearly visible. The rice weevil is closely related to the grain weevil and to the untrained eye looks almost identical. Technically, this insect is not actually a weevil but a different species of beetle. Regular application of cedar oil after an infestation is also recommended to avoid a reoccurrence. Rice Weevils lay eggs with a glue like excretion which helps protect their brood by attaching them to surfaces where food is likely to be available. The main visual difference is that the rice weevil is not so uniform in color and has four yellow tinged spots on its abdomen. Eucalyptus essential oil is also an effective home remedy for weevils. Alongside drugstore beetles and cigarette beetles, they are grouped into the general description of pantry pests and, while the treatment for weevils is similar to other pantry pests, there are particular home remedies for weevils that you should know. Do not let the spills be. Before you can carry out a treatment approach, you need to make sure that you're dealing with Rice Weevils. Other signs are more subtle but may include discoloration of flour, small holes in packages and in grains, the presence of flour and grain mold and tiny flour tracks caused by insects moving between food sources.


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