Teams will count not only the existing castles but also the locations where castles once stood. It's arguably Germany's most important castle. Not much remains of this once grand structure. Contact One example, according to Friedrich, is Worringen Castle near Cologne, which was destroyed during a battle in 1288. Ulrike declined Goethe's proposal. In the Romantic period, Rheinstein Castle was the first Rhine River castle to be reconstructed. Goslar Kaiserpfalz. In the late 12th century, the castle came under the control of the Wittelsbach dynasty. The structure lies atop the 855-meter mountain of the same name in Baden-Württemberg. They are known as the guardians and legend has it that the kingdom and the tower will fall if they ever leave. German Castle FAQ. It's the largest castle built on a hill along the Moselle River and is a prominent landmark for the town of Cochem. [CDATA[*/