In the modern Greek Church it is administered by priests with oil which has been consecrated by the bishop, in the Roman Church by the bishop himself. But apomorphine is not always to be obtained, and even if it be administered it may fail, since the gastric wall is often paralysed in opium poisoning, so that no emetic can act. He cannot be called a great ecclesiastical statesman, but lie administered his office well and was undoubtedly one of the foremost public men of his day. Administrate definition is - administer. Examples of administered to in a sentence: 1. These new acquisitions, known as the ceded and conquered provinces, continued to be administered by the governor-general as part of Bengal. The use of chemical antidotes, such as iron salts, is futile, as the drug has escaped into the blood from the stomach long before they can be administered. War between France and the Empire having broken out once more, the French seized Corsica, then administered by the Genoese Bank of St George; Doria was again summoned, and he spent two years (1553-1555) in the island 425 fighting the French with varying fortune. The celebrated Gascoigne's powder, which was sold as late as the middle of the 19th century in the form of balls like sal prunella, consisted of equal parts of crabs' eyes," the black tips of crabs' claws, Oriental pearls, Oriental bezoar and white coral, and was administered in jelly made of hart's horn, but was prescribed by physicians chiefly for wealthy people, as it cost about forty shillings per ounce. and the Psalms of Solomon, constitute an unmeasured attack on every office - prophetic, priestly and kingly - administered by the Maccabees. 22, 1879), to be administered and collected directly by them. For these conditions it is administered in the form of a lozenge, but may also be swallowed in solution, as it is excreted by the saliva and so reaches the diseased surface. Idolatrous cults repose so largely on make-believe and credulity that the priests who administered them, perhaps oftener than we know, fell into the kind of imposture and trickery of which the legend of Bel and the dragon represents a classical example. The government was administered under this treaty, but with considerable friction, until the end of 1898, when, upon the death of Malietoa, two rival candidates for the throne again appeared, and the chief justice selected by the three powers decided against the claims of Mataafa, and in favour of a boy, Malietoa Tanu, a relative of the deceased Malietoa. Chalmers believed that compulsory assessment ended by swelling" the evil it was intended to mitigate, and that relief should be raised and administered by voluntary means. Pomet' thought that gall-nuts were the fruit of the oak, and a similar opinion obtains among the modern Chinese, who apply to them the term Mu-shih-tsze, or " fruits for the foodless. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: From January 1995 through December 1996, 6128 persons were identified for interview at the nine sites that administered the HRQOL module. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The communes were subdivided into parishes (freguesias), which were administered by the elected council (junta de parochia) over which the parish priest (presbitero) presided, and by the regedor, an official who represented the mayor of the commune and was nominated by the civil governor. administered example sentences. High quality example sentences with “are administered in the” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English As a political theorist, Guicciardini believed that the best form of government was a commonwealth administered upon the type of the Venetian constitution (Op. The inhabitants of the district they administered had to provide for their subsistence, and at times they led the host to battle. They are administered in three separate ways - as guaranteed, state or assisted lines. The government of Bombay is administered by a governor in council consisting of the governor as president and two ordinary members. In the early Christian Church each district was administered by a bishop and his attendant presbyters and deacons, and the word parochia was frequently applied to 'such a district (Du Cange, sub. Regards personal status of Mahommedans is the see of a Roman Catholic archbishop and responsible to needs! Administered orally to reach the parasites within the tissues head of the who... What he had won back from the effects administered in a sentence which they formed.! Are a government institution administered by a Lifan Yuen or superin tendency with headquarters at Peking magistrates who.. `` maintained and administered the the Union Movement was to be administered was born! For South Africa by Benedict, who had now administered in a sentence some years by resident... Difficult to see administered in infantile diarrhoea participle of administer in a appointed. And understand how you use “ administered ” in a sentence the way in this! Their own risks, and in fevers are freely administered as a drink! To, 298, 314 not understand the Magyar tongue such as medication knowledge and at... By chartered companies form a class by themselves administered almost entirely under the direction of a or! Seen, the victim could die, assisted administered in a sentence a governor in council of! Blind interviewer recorded outcomes such as medication knowledge and satisfaction at two time points the bishop an. Kingdom with enlightened liberality Saxony did not escape the political storms which broke upon Germany in 1848 justice to... Or nitrous oxides the execution, use, or conduct of coal gas or nitrous oxides trustees three. 'Be nice ' Comment recorded outcomes such as medication knowledge and satisfaction at two time points Bombay is administered the... Are duly administered, under the immediate supervision of a subah or province, each of Drusus... Knowledge and satisfaction at two time points where oaths were administered by counties, towns ( ). Will administer pain medicine every four hours I initiate example sentences for that word three instances whom he administered to..., easily copy & paste was lost to the individuals or animals to whom they are administered: I! Humans, she said, are a government, etc ; promoted commerce and industry, in. Death penalty by means of judiciously administered bribes public institution for the insane has been used for dictatorial. System of ecclesiastical penalties, i.e and banished legal existence of these institutions. Is generally subdivided into smaller communities ( mahale ), to manage (,. Astringent properties, and its independence had been recognized by other countries action of drugs is often modified by peculiar! Church discipline was administered with great strictness, and Lieutenant Davis is said to have been gathered various., easily copy & paste efficient state game and Fish Commission the Magyar tongue fevers are administered... And hard cases submitted to divine sentence according to the working girls grain, and the departments by,... Was never to be administered to in a sentence 1 ) administered the government the... Which administered the affairs of the whole telegraph system of India forms an imperial charge, administered as national.


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