The links are provided solely by this site's users. Over the Course of the series he was becoming more and more deranged after many conflicts so much that he eventually became a villain and a extremists so much that he betrays Invincible and his teammates to become the ruler of earth killing every hero and villain that opposed him. An expert listing of 24 key comics from the comic book series Invincible published by Image 1st appearance of Invincible 1st appearance of Omni-Man, the father of Invincible Copies ordered by retailers: 10,800 Amazon Studios has With a light warning fulled with attacks, she reminds Mark that he doesn't have a choice in this matter. She retorted that she didn't want to fight either, but she couldn't stall the mission, citing that Nolan may not be as forceful as Thragg, but the mission remained. Mark, shocked at this, flew up to sky level to find out who did it. Anissa wasn't swayed, but much rather enjoying the battle. Honestly, the vision hasn't changed at all. She grabbed Thadeus and Tech Jacket, but was attacked by Nolan. But I would never shy away from a story because I thought I might offend somebody or something like that. He reminded the trio of the reasons why the Viltrumites had come to Earth: to interbreed with humans. She grabbed Thadeus and Tech Jacket, but was attacked by Nolan. Mark, remembering what she had done, started to shake at the sight of seeing her. I think "Invincible" has been doing that from the beginning. Anissa first attempts the 'human' mating habits. After, she grabbed Tech Jacket. The Viltrumites went to Earth and were secretly living among humans in order to replenish their population. She retreats with Thragg and other Viltrumites to Viltrum There, s… She meets Mark in the sky, hoping to convince him to aid in the Viltrumite takeover. She offered her assistance, hoping to convince Mark to help towards her goal. She kissed him, much to Mark's surprise and dismay. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Robot is first thought to be nothing more than a robot with advanced artificial intelligence who leads the Teen Team. along with the others. She later attacked Allen after the Viltrumite warship was destroyed by Mark and Kid-Omni Man. The battle between Robot's drone and Mark was stopped by Nolan talking with Mark [9]. Anissa was sent to Earth to inspect what preparations Mark has taken to secure the Earth for viltrumite control. Being a member of her people's empire, Anissa is a brutal hand-to-hand fighter and warrior. Sometimes between that time, Anissa would marry a man named Scott and have a daughter born recently. She, then, told him that another agent will come to check on his progress in either five months or five years. Robot (real name: Rudolph Connors) is A supporting character turned villain of Invincible. I don't know if people are paying attention to the upcoming covers, but Mark is in for the toughest time of his life, so hold on to your hats. He was a superhero and a member of the Guradians of the Globe but he became a villain during the course of the Invincible series. Space Racer fired a beam from his gun, distracting her from the death of fellow Viltrumites. General Kregg met her in the Viltrumite Warship as Anissa reported that she couldn't convince Mark. She begins her speech about how Viltrumites would turn Earth into a utopia for centuries and rid the planet of disease, war, and death. Then, I would never tell any story. Thragg. While Mark Grayson and Debbie Grayson were having lunch, Anissa interrupts to get Mark's attention. She was accompanied by Kregg, Thula, and Lucan. We're really putting Mark through his paces. He was also in a relationship with Monster Girl one of his Teammates. Sure, you always run the risk of doing that any time you depict any kind of heavy emotional [event]. Strong, powerful, and can fly, Anissa is one of Invincible's most strongest of enemies. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. She told him that even though he was young and weak, she’d settle on mating with him because of his Viltrumite heritage. It's a very bizarre superhero world as opposed to a very bizarre zombie-infested world. She's carrying his child, so there's no chance of her not being a part of his life in some way, shape or form, and she's definitely a huge part of the series. It's just a lot of fun to do. Mark attempts to leave, but Anissa stops him. It can be difficult at times to do things like this. She was later distracted by finding that Mark had killed Conquest and was attacked by Omni-Man. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. None known Robot (real name: Rudolph Connors) is A supporting character turned villain of Invincible. After Thragg beat Nolan and Mark to the brink of death, she was seen fleeing with him and other Viltrumites after Thragg decides to spare them. It's entirely possible that what we do may get a little worse from here. She flies off, leaving a traumatized Mark to reflect [8]. It's really every single thing I've ever liked about every superhero comic boiled down into a one-stop shop version of a superhero universe. The biggest and most shocking event in the book is undoubtedly Anissa raping Mark. We have had quite a heavy lead-in with issues #108, #109 and #110, but starting with #111, it's definitely an all-bets-are-off, much more dangerous world than he's seen thus far in the series. She pushed back his arms and demanded that he stop resisting her. "Invincible" has always been an attempt to put all that kind of stuff into one series. When reason fails, Anissa resorts to violence and strikes mark down leaving him in a crater. This was going to be the track that I went on with the character Anissa, and it's been in the planning stages for a while. After her visit to Earth Anissa ran into Allen the Alien, and attacked him. What was the discussion like between you and Ryan Ottley when determining how to most appropriately depict the scene? Sinclair Deborah Grayson Furnace General Kregg Grand Regent Thragg 2010 This is a special stand-alone issue will bring readers new and old up to speed on your favorite comic superhero everyone. She tore off their costumes, and proceeds to rape him. I think it's a really exciting time to be an "Invincible" reader and hopefully people are anticipating and looking forward to what we're going to do next. Anissa is seen in Talescria, attacking the Coalition of Planets Headquarters. Near the end of the series, he was successful in taking over the earth and not even Invincible was able to stop it from happening even Robot convincing Invincible that this was for the best.However when he wanted to use Thragg's children as soldiers, Invincible and the others felt that he fully crossed the Line With Invincible destroying his body and reducing him into a brain in a jar. Crimes Nolan then ask that they stop and spare him. Anissa sought out Invincible in his civilian identity and found him on his university campus with his mother. Female on male rape has been depicted in comics before -- Starman, Nightwing, Green Arrow all were victims of it, among others -- but never in a scene as graphic as the one in "Invincible" #110. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. How did you decide this was the right direction in which to take the story? Mass murderHostile takeover Unlike numerous males of her species, Anissa sees humans as a species she can simply not breed with and instead chooses Mark because of his strength and genes. Growing up a comic book fan and watching these character grow and evolve over decades and decades has really led to me being energized by the fact that in comics, you start a series with character A, and by the end of the series it's still character A, but he's completely unrecognizable. 1 History 1.1 Arrival on Earth 1.2 Anissa assaults Mark 2 Gallery 3 Trivia Anissa was sent toEarthto inspect what preparationsMarkhas taken to secure the Earth forviltrumitecontrol. Robot still lives and is now being watched over by Immortal man in case he ever tries anything. With Eve out of Invincible's life, will she still be a part of the series? A day later, She runs into Mark on the warship, much to his anger. Issue #110 was a monumental issue as far as the run of the book goes. Invincible #2 1st appearance of Omni-Man, the father of Invincible, Amazon Studios has adapted Invincible for eight, one-hour, adult animated episodes, 1st appearance of Robot, Rex-Splode, Atom Eve and Dupli-Kate, 1st appearance of Allen the Alien, the surviving member of a genetic experiment of creatures meant to fight the Viltrumites, *Kirkman teases the voice casting for Battle Beast will please fans, 1st appearance of Kid Omni-Man, Oliver Grayson, Invincible's half-brother, Variant second print cover pays homage to the premiere issue of the series. He grabs her throat and slams her into a wall, demanding that she back off Nolan shouted for Mark, but Mark told him to “stay out of it.” Anissa grinned and proceeded to tell how Mark's aggression aroused her and made her want to repeat their prior incident. What does an event like this mean to the book as a whole in terms of tone? We didn't want it to seem like your average superhero fight, we wanted it to seem a little more brutal than that. You can search for This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Writer Robert Kirkman discusses the huge emotional blow to Mark Grayson and the controversial events in this week's "Invincible" #110. While Mark watches in horror, Anissa is aroused. She would be one of the many warriors that would witness Thragg's rise to Grand Regent of the Viltrum Empire. I'm not really going to go into it because I don't want to spoil things, but it's definitely a huge transition for the life of the series that will lead to some very different, very cool, very engaging stories with the characters. She and other Viltrumites attended Nolan's inauguration ceremony on the warship. But, you know, the Internet is the Internet and people are going to say things like that. How do you react to those types of comments? Strong, powerful, and can fly, Anissa is one of Invincible's most strongest of enemies. She told Mark that he has no idea how much danger he's in. Anissa has also been seen during the Viltrumite war, she has fought Mark, Allen the Alien, and Omni-Man near the planet of Viltrum in a last effort to win the war against the Coalition of Planets. She used her superior strength to overpower him and the duo crash on an unknown farm, with her laying on top of Mark. The fact that superhero comics over the many decades that they've been published have covered so many different stories and so many different sub-genres really shows the range of different stories you can tell with a superhero comic. While this is an extremely dark period in Invincible's life, I'm not going to say that it's always going to be like this and I definitely don't think that it's changing the tone of the book for good. After revealing that she was watching Mark arm wrestle his father, she kisses him, much to Mark confusion. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll She's able to fly, age slower than mortals, brush off attacks, heal almost instantly, and utilize her endurance for long periods of time. Omni-Man (Nolan Grayson) is a fictional character, a superhero/supervillain/anti-hero in the Image Comics Universe. "Invincible" has always had a pretty high violence level, but it seems the tone of the book has gotten far more mature and dark in recent issues -- the series even dropped the f-bomb recently, which you addressed in this month's letters page. She later attempted to kill him by bear hugging him, but is attacked by Thaedus and released him. We basically live in the spaces between traumatic events, when it gets down to it.


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