Note that the gem may only be picked up if the Crazy Place was accessed from the tunnel matching the element of the gem. Origins Main Quest Ice Staff Fire Staff Wind Staff Lightning Staff Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache Zetsubou No Shima Gorod Krovi Revelations Ascension Shangri La Moon Keeper Keypad Translator Interactive … Maybe I should get the expansion maps. Jump off the tank onto the path that takes you inside the church that contains the final purple part for the lightning staff. Once the riddle in the Crazy Place has been solved, there will be another in the original realm. A gem will appear. Origins is a zombie level available for the Black Ops III: Zombies Chronicles DLC. The first location is on a desk near the Wunderfizz Machine in Generator Station 4. Finally, the player must place the staff inside the purple pedestal in the Crazy Place, and kill 25 zombies in the Crazy Place to collect their souls into the staffs. Save one or two zombies at the end of the round to make it easier to complete the steps required to get the staff. Cost (Zombies) Don't shoot them to delay the round. Originally, Origins was released on Black Ops II as the final map for the game. It's in the excavation area in the center of the level. The staff parts can be found in areas only accessible by jumping off the tank at certain locations. Starting Ammunition During low rounds, the Staff of Lightning doesn't seem as effective as the other staves. The purple record can be found near Generator 4. The purple record is required to build the lightning staff on Black Ops III Origins. Gather the staff pieces All three pieces are in the 3 different robot heads. Take it and return to the excavation site in the center of the map. It shoots concentrated electricity at zombies, causing them to … Here is a summary of what you'll need to do to build the lightning staff: In order to make it easier to acquire the lightning staff, ensure that you do it in the earlier rounds when there are fewer zombies attacking. For the most part, the level is the same as its previous incarnation. You forgot the elemental knife either way too. Once you have the three parts and the purple record, you'll need to use the gramophone in the lightning cave. Once all rings' lights are purple, the purple orb inside of them must be shot with the staff. This attack is a one hit kill until round 16. The record may be at the bottom of the entrance to the wind tunnel. Although it's only one item, there are three random spawn locations. The elemental gem can be found inside the Crazy Place, and to access it the player needs the purple record as well as the gramophone. Fully automatic (Chargeable when upgraded) Maximum Ammunition You can return by activating the white platform that you appeared on when entering the room. The Reminder from Canada on September 01, 2013: Zombies have upgraded a lot since I last played it. The second possible location is inside the Wind Mine, leaning against some speakers across from the sign that reads 'The Crazy Place'. Primis. Once upgraded to the Kimat's Bite, it will chain more zombies than its previous version.The effectiveness for this weapon runs out at about round 25 as normal attacks will only make crawlers (unless the player gets a headshot, upgraded or not), however the charged attack can effectively kill until round 30-40. In order to get the Lighting Crystal, you will need to create a portal at the bottom of the Lighting Mine. You must jump off the tank to grab the parts. As the chords are never randomized, it is possible to simply memorize the notes to play each time. Also, the robots can be destroyed with the lightning staff in few shots usually. After obtaining the Staff of Lightning, it can be upgraded to Kimat's Bite. Return to the excavation site to receive the lightning staff. The Staff of Lighting does not affect as many zombies as the Staff of Ice, but it drops them in one shot at higher rounds. A portal will open up in the tunnel. Congrats, you have built one of the four powerful staffs on Call of Duty: Black Ops III Origins. Edward D. Saterstad (author) from PA on September 01, 2013: It is definitely a different experience since Black Ops 1. There is an eighth panel for upgrading the staff although it is not used, located just before the door to No Man's Land in the Workshop, on the right hand side. There are three Staff Fragments that can only be obtained by jumping from the Zombie Tank. You can jump from the back of the tank where there is no railing. It should glow purple, and shoot up in the air. Once you're inside the mysterious room, locate the glowing purple. The player can also hold down the firing button in order to charge it up, at the cost six ammo per charged shot, giving the player three before they have to reload. It is leaning against the fence on the edge of the table. The first is in the wind tunnel that is in the generator 4 area where the juggernog perk is located. The Fragments look like Power-Ups, except they have a purple glow. The Upgraded Staff of Lightning gets double the reserve ammo and magazine size. You can jump off the right side of the Zombie Tank before you enter the Church. Once all knobs are turned in the correct position, an audio cue will play and a beam of light shooting up can be seen coming from the Excavation Site. Once it is done, Samantha may talk to the player about the "power of lightning being available", and the staff icon on the HUD now has a red outline. The charged rounds create an electric ball that zaps zombies in the area for ten seconds. Jump off the tank onto the platform and follow the path. The electricity can affect multiple zombies but does not seem to affect as many as some of the other staves. A clap of thunder will sound whenever the Staff of Lightning is fired and can be heard anywhere on the map. Jump across to the walkway and follow it to the floating fragment. You forgot the elemental knife either way too. It does not cover as wide as an area as the Staff of Fire, but it has higher accuracy. Call of Duty Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If shot at the feet of zombies, it is possible to kill more than two-three zombies. When charged and released, it fires a slow moving ball of electricity, which will travel in a straight line until it reaches a wall or floor. The first is in the wind tunnel that is in the … Used by It's possible to open up nearly every door using the shopping free gobblegum on Origins if you sprint. Note that this can be done at any point in the game as the player passes by the panels, as long as they remember how much each knob is turned, which can save a fair amount of time and unnecessary running. Remember to turn on all the power generators so you can access the pack-a-punch upgrade machine and purchase the perks on Origins. Once in the Crazy Place, there will be a pedestal that will open up with a purple glow, with the elemental gem arising from within. As with the regular Staff of Lightning, if the staff is lost by any means, it will be returned to its pedestal in the Excavation Site, and it does not have to be upgraded again. The tank is located in the church area. 1000 + (150) 30000 (upgraded) This can be used to revive a downed player by "shooting" them directly. While passing by zombies or on the wall or floor, it will release bolts of lightning, stunning and killing nearby zombies. The embedded videos on the right show exactly how to reach each fragment. 12+120 (18+180 Upgraded) The entrance to the Lightning tunnel is near Generator 5. It's also called the purple staff because that's the color it is in the menu. The lightning cave is beside generator 5. Take the portal to the room that has all of the crystals, and pick up the purple Lightning Crystal. You need to cross the mud tracks that the Zombie Tank travels through. Once all parts have been collected, the staff may be built in the lowest level of the Excavation Site, in the purple pedestal. They go in the order listed above. One of them is in the Wind Mine, which is in the area of Station 4. Next, the player will have to order the floating rings inside the lower levels of the Excavation Site so that the lights on the four rings are purple. You must ride the tank so you have access to the three lightning purple staff parts. The last possible spawn location for the purple record is on the table at the fourth generator. It has been in this same spot every time I play. Only one panel will spark at one time, thus the next panel will not spark until the previous is completed. You must ride the tank on Origins to get the three parts for the lightning staff. Only the bottom row is needed, the top row can be ignored completely. 3. The three possible locations for the Purple Records are all close to Generator Station 4. However, it has 12 rounds in a magazine and 120 in the reserve. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The purple record is required to build the lightning staff on Black Ops III Origins. 9+90 Once on the platform walk into the window and pick up the floating fragment. This fragment can also be seen from inside the hidden area of the Excavation Site. It becomes twice as powerful and gains the ability to be charged. So that step is explained in detail in the article, How to Build the Staves in Origins. Leustachius Pisa Jun 26, 2017 @ … This was corrected in the remastered version. It is recommended to make shots count, because it is very easy to miss with this weapon. There is a lightning staff, a fire staff, a wind staff, and an ice staff. The record looks like a vinyl record with a purple label. It's between the juggernog perk machine and the random perk machine. In order to build the Staff of Lightning, you will need to collect three staff fragments and the Lightning Crystal. The last part is located at the church. All are quite powerful and can be upgraded by following certain steps (pack-a-punch won't upgrade them). Other gobblegums that may prove useful are "wallpower" or "crate power.". He is especially enthusiastic about the "Call of Duty" series. There are eight panels that the player can interact with around the map (one of which is automatically completed, leaving seven in total), and the player must turn the knobs on the panels in the correct position. You need the gramophone item so you can teleport. Damage The Staff of Lightning shoots bolts of lightning when fired, and similarly to the Wunderwaffe DG-2, will chain and kill multiple zombies, although it is limited in the fact that the lightning will chain up to two or three zombies per bolt. This fragment is inside the church, but the accessed from the inside is blocked. The Staff of Lightning is named after Kimat, the Dog of Tinguian God, Kadaklan. You need to go to the top and then down the stairs behind the Pack-a-Punch Machine. It does not have near the power of the Staff of Wind but has four times the magazine size and three times the reserve ammo. Kain writes video game articles that include tips, tricks, and tutorials. First, the player must solve the riddle located in the Crazy Place, located in the Lightning part of it. However, it seems to concentrate its powering into a smaller area. To obtain the Staff of Lightning, the player must gather three parts of the staff and the elemental crystal, as well as the gramophone and the correct records to access the Crazy Place and the lower levels of the Excavation Site. Additionally, the "shopping free" gobblegum is good to use because it enables you to open up all the doors for free. *The fifth step is the same for all four staves. Buildable You will have to teleport through each of the robots to collect them.


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