Set of three. Regulators Alone £2000 (Bass £900, Baritone £700, Tenor £700) C#. What we would like to achieve for all of our customers is a set of pipes which of course has the highest standards of tonal quality, tuning and stability and a set which has ease of playing – comfortable, air-efficient – and everything functioning really well. the front or back of the chanter. Andreas Rogge, Pipe Maker Arbachstraße 10 D-72108 Wendelsheim Deutschland Telefon: +49 (0) 7472 - 956 99 70 Email: Andreas Rogge Pipemaker The Bass Reg can be purchased with either the more common straight tube that extends above your elbow, or with the Taylor style return unit that returns over the stock. tuning of drones and regulators. Pipes ... Price £1,795.00. $200, Tenor - 5 keys for F sharp, G, A, B, and C natural. stability (Cane drone reeds are no longer available). Delete Cookies | Cookies löschen hier klicken, Tuning slide f. Tenor and Baritone regulator (not upgradeable), Set Drones – Polyacetal (incl. tuning pin to aid in stability and tuning. €540 - €690. set with the addition of tenor and baritone regulators INQUIRE Basic Configuration including bag, standard bellows and hardwood chanter (inc. reed) with a stainless steel head. Measures 880mm long X 290mm wide. Drone reeds - Composite brass and plastic for greater stocks), Reeds for instruments from other makers (expenses based, hourly rate), Schäferpfeife, school instrument G/C, single drone, Upgrade from 2 to 3 drones, incl. the brass reed cap, but is more aesthetically pleasing. set is completed. Chanter reeds $150 necessary upon receipt of your order with final payment due when the Shipping costs will be added to the final payment. stability (Cane drone reeds are no longer available). Wooden Reed Cap - Serves the same purpose as €1230, Fitted Keys                                         €135 each, Chanter Head Stopkey                     €150, Velvet Bag Cover                              €150, Velvet Bellows Cover                        €140, Hardwood Chanter Head                 €150 extra, steel hinge and upholstered pads   €200 extra. Please call or e-mail for current availability. accept regulators. nickel plating as an option. 3/4 Set £2700. with commercially available springs. Add to basket. Each Tenor - 5 keys for F sharp, G, A, B, and C natural. Practice Set £800. Bass - 4 keys for G, A, B, and C natural INQUIRE Reeds for D Chanters and Regulators made to order. Regulators feature a plunger type endcap in addition to the traditional $1150 All pipe chanters are voiced with the aid of a stroboscope to insure We will be happy to discuss fitting to your existing set. Up to five keys available for the chanter. Half set is the Practice Set above with Tenor, Baritone and Bass Drones added. Introducing our Concert D Uilleann Pipes, which are available as practice, half and full sets. nickel plating. Chanter Keys - C natural, F natural, and G This unit costs an extra €350. Chanter £600. $1975 Ebony is the standard timber for all parts with the and three drones with shut-off switch. €170 (purchase) - €375 (inc chanter, stock and bellows connectors fitted), Bags are of supple, airtight leather and are available with or without velvet cover. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Irish Uilleann Pipes Full Set Blackwood B… with brass reed cap and block mounts for the addition of F natural, G sharp, Reeds - Practice Set £900. exception of the mainstock and bellow sides which are either cherry or proper fitting of the bass regulator and for adjustment of key heights.


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