Most Education universities offer programs that allow you to earn your teaching license and MAT at the same time so you can kill two birds with one stone and meet state requirements while making yourself more marketable. Even still, teachers and administrators continue to advocate for the MAT and often agree that it is worth the investment because of the incentives and because they believe that it can make a difference. If you are VERY lucky you may be able to get a full time position at a community college but those are very rare. Or, in a second common scenario, you’re already teaching, and you love it, but there are some limitations — salary, your desire to learn expanded education techniques and your eligibility for promotions. This doctorate can be completed in as little as three years, which is just one year longer than a typical Master of Arts in teaching degree. If you can’t wait to get into the classroom but have … If you think you might want to move into k-12 administration at some point (vice principal, principal, etc.) By studying subjects related to educational theories of learning, cultural perspectives, inquiry and research, at-risk students, trends in assessment or the psychology of the developing brain, you’ll be more prepared and more confident about your job in the classroom. If you're seriously considering a masters in special ed, please understand this the hardest job in the whole system. I don't know how social studies fields are but most graduate students in math get teaching assistant-ships, it pays for your school and you get some college teaching experience at the same time., Article Source: A friend recommended that I get a Master's in History, or maybe try getting a degree in Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education, etc. Many school districts offer an incentive, for example, I know of one that offers a $2000 bonus for a master and $3000 for a specialist/doctorate degree (as well as higher starting pay). In addition to increasing confidence and knowledge in the classroom, a teaching master’s may give you access to positions that offer greater benefits than typical teaching jobs do. The opportunity to study under professors with different areas of expertise and to meet like-minded educators can give you contacts that you’ll take with you after you’ve earned your degree. 46 Articles, By A MAT degree is ideal for aspiring teachers who want to advance their career as a leader in the classroom. The answer depends on your own idea of what the future holds for you, and whether you are willing to put in the effort to make it worth your experience. In other words, you will study the ideas behind different models of instruction, and analyze their impact on students.


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