- Duration: 7:00. It also cannot be used in dual mode. Users 1024x600 A Hangover Sent Direct from Mother Nature, https://maxpayne.fandom.com/wiki/Desert_Eagle?oldid=27876, The Desert Eagle is the signature weapon of, Although the gun is shown in numerous levels in many pre-release screenshots and trailers of. Max Payne 3. All Versions. would gladly appreciate it, OMG genius love it hope you will make other lmore friendly weap . 480x640 Just be aware that if you do, you'll need to replace the Combat Pistols icon with that of the one from this mod ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, @Vx5 Voltage I test it, but the weapon keeps jumping, attachments work fine, One day you make version that supports the combat pistol, if possible of course. 800x600 Max can also dual-wield the gun in Max Payne 3 in. The .38 Revolver, is a six-rounds grey-black revolver, with an average barrel size. shirt, max, max payne 3, desert eagle, rockstar games, desert eagle, payne free hd background for pc, mobile phones, notebooks, smartphones or tablets, image 25716. Iconic Arms S1 • E1 Desert Eagle. The Desert Eagle is dual-wieldable in Max Payne 2. Weapon is nice, but after automatic install i cannot install any other weapons anyone knows how to fix this? Designed in 1898 the Smith and Wesson Model 20, known as the.38 Revolver, is an American police revolver. Nimm an der Unterhaltung teil! 320x480 I USED THE DESERT EAGLE - Max Payne 3 Multiplayer - Duration: 9:25. The Desert Eagle returns in Max Payne 3, as the DE .50. It has a greater damage ratio, but this is compensated with a slower firing rate. 1136x640 [edit source] I need some help here. Although the gun is shown in numerous levels in many pre-release screenshots and trailers of Max Payne 3, it only appears in a few levels of the final game. Can you do the Desert Eagle from Max Payne 3? 9:25. This is your first weapon mod and I hope this comment can help you. 1920x1200 1366x768 (HD) WAPSupp_2 480x320 [edit source] I need some help here. Ab nach Sao Paolo! Towknee Recommended for you. Von 2001 bis 2003 wurde diese Waffe auch von Mona Sax benutzt. It is very powerful, capable of killing an unarmored opponent with just one bullet. Max Payne Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. I'll definitely keep this in mind for whenever I work on the next update, just two little things that annoy me to shit, my custom flashlight bugs out when i am shooting it, and for npc's it just isnt there and the iron sights are off.


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