Ten years later APU helped me make that statement real. I appreciate their love, encouragement and patience. Graduation Speeches Show Dedication, Appreciation, and Humor. Welcome to today’s ceremony and thank you for attending. It was one of the most terrifying experiences, but I learned so much. This diploma is for all of us, except I have the student loan. Our gathering is just one small spark in the flame of pride that burns across the nation today and every day. We meet in the name of Jesus Christ, who died and was raised to the glory of God the Father. Filed Under: Active Learning, We Are APU, World Class, Oct. 26 – Message from President Valerie Davidson to the APU community – Spring 2021 Update. But the past four years have also been an extremely humbling and critical time in my life, with the unexpected passing of friends I was immediately surrounded by a community that respects each other like family. %PDF-1.3 Next, choose words that best describe the person or group of people to whom the building is dedicated. �T�1ߟ��#�g:`���^��xd�?f�-�na���GR�ͧE��]yd���*�����?��y&y$�h��ZX�fx��c�P�0���g��_�F�d,X�^i&��l,��'��A,�Ѹ�u~�(�dO�?w���@{r�խ��JC�]߲�o�A��e�Y��@qJ�9J1_8�~^'��WUY���ZI�Pc)v�w���A�:�C�hk!1� ��������9t�U�e9H# ��� *���x��C�9Z�uC+W���n�O}ťa�qc�):�q��{e(�94�M�DC+rh���ɸ���PrS&Y��nP_�d%��q�~ɔ߰T!��lP_2f�㗬�P��9X�/S����g�tM.|��7�L4F���0~�v��8U���&��P�$[PaQ�%h�h��,��.a�tA�B5���%i��8D� ,2Y�ՕI��r>6�&͹�:�A�A�:oTd�6A�o�� ��^���A�+�HR�C�q=�Jb� ?̈���~�H�h�r A\�Ej��SD���p�"�'�(���a��F$yBo��x�,��my*d��|��I��*��b1���r4E|�o]�%^Ώ呧O\� I would like to dedicate this specifically to my son and the entire Pacific Islander community. I’m really happy I found it, found APU. I encourage each of you to sit in your discomfort as you continue your journey as well. At Alaska Pacific University graduations there isn’t just a few featured speakers. And so to each one of us sitting here, if you’re graduating or not, I think it’s important for us to know what we do have and to strive for the greatest of what we can with the body and mind that God has given us. I’m honored to be speaking with you today on such an important occasion. God bless you and your families, God bless our troops and God bless America. My time here at APU has been filled with adventures. Ian McDermod, Bachelor of Arts, Outdoor Studies On one end is the methodical person we’re taught to be and on the other end is the human with the emotions, complications, and things that life throws at us. We’re here today to honor our heroes, to remember their achievements, their courage and their dedication, and to say thank you for their sacrifices. Thank you for attending today. The page has two principal functions and I consider both equally important. Americans had locked each other in prisoner of war camps and torn up the railroads connecting north to south. And also with you. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to today’s ceremony and thank you for attending. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. Check out our main page for more articles here Can U Write. stream THE CONCLUSION Memorial Tree Dedication Speech Examples Here are some dedication speech examples you can use as a guide when you will write your own dedication speech in the future. And that kind of atmosphere is so unique and powerful, that it actually becomes kind of addicting. ‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. And then I did some traveling, and when I came back from the other side of the world where I was farming and traveling, I made business cards that said ‘student of sustainability’ not realizing the implications of that statement. Each graduating student is welcomed and encouraged to say a few words, if they’d like.


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