Many lives were lost, but after long, hard combat the US finally defeated dictator Saddam Hussein. Some require a vote and can be passed with a simple majority (if over half of the non-abstaining delegates who vote for the motion) and some need an overwhelming majority (two thirds of the voters), others only require the decision of the Chair. This motion brings an amendment that has already been submitted to the Chair with the appropriate number of signatories to the floor for general debate and a vote when debate is closed on the resolution. 2/3 of the committee or assembly must vote against the chair in order for the chair to vacate its seat. A "Motion" is used to move the debate away from the traditional format. This motion appeals a dedcision of the Chair to the body. Beginning in 2011, the United States will begin withdrawing its soldiers from its Iraq. Be careful when considering these motions. R.C.M. "Motions" can ask the chair to change the order in which things are discussed, to call speakers for or against the resolution out of turn, or to force delegates not to abstain from voting. The digital divide between MDCs and LDCs is something that needs to be bridged in order to help lower the rates of poverty worldwide and give many LDCs a better economy. 915(c)(2) Motions for Appropriate Relief. Honorable chair and fellow delegates; the United States is extremely privileged to attend this conference. 906. Point of personal privilege: It must refer to the comfort and well-being of the delegate. Handbooks will also state whether a motion can be voted upon, of if the discretion of the Chair is used. A person wanting to lay a resolution on the table must get the floor and be recognised during debate against the resolution. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Examples of grounds raised in motions for mistrial; General; Retrial barred if mistrial declared after jeopardy attaches and before findings under R.C.M. The following table is for guidance only. allowing this person to move this motion contravenes standing order number 34, that the mover of the substantive motion cannot move a procedural motion … If the motion does not pass, the mover must leave the committee or assembly for a period to be determined by the chair. This motion can be used if you feel that enough has been said for now, and more could be said at a later time. This could lead to a success or a failure for the resolution. Motion of no confidence in the chair: This motion can only be passed with 2/3 negative vote. After his removal, the United States has been working to rebuild Iraq into a democracy and soldiers have stayed behind to eliminate insurgents. Question of: The Use of torture in criminal interrogation procedures. Dividing the Issue means that the sections of the resolution (as defined by the delegate) are debated, and voted upon, seperately. Motions may not interrupt the speaker. However if the motion passes, the chair will vacate its seat and turn it over to the mover until such time as a new chair is appointed by the Secretary General or the MUN Coordinator. If you feel that there is more to be said either for or against, you can extend the allowable debate time with this motion. In the past few years, the United States and several allies have been fighting a campaign in Iraq as part of its war on terror. This motion requires the consent of the Chair and may be deemed out of order. Thank you. This is to be used when the votes are too close. Chairs Glossary; CHAIR script. Defense Motion for Mistrial. Continuances; General; Motion in limine (M.R.E. However the delegate of Sudan wishes to especially focus on digital access among all countries, for all people. I've been doing my research so no problem there, can you help me with possible motions that can be raised during moderated caucus? "Motions" can ask the chair to change the order in which things are discussed, to call speakers for or against the resolution out of turn, or to force delegates not to abstain from voting. A table showing which Motions require support of fellow delegates (and the amount of support required) is shown at the bottom of this page. Similar to the "Consensus" motion above, this takes an Amendment that is under discussion and asks that it be passed straight away because no delegation will be voting against it. Motion to Introduce an Unfriendly Amendment, Motion to Appeal the Decision of the Chair, United Nations Security Council veto power. A "Motion" is used to move the debate away from the traditional format. There is no point in trying to squeeze in extra information and therefore talking too quickly. Point of parliamentary enquiry: A point of information to the Chair regarding proper procedure. In some cases, a delegate may approve of one particular part of a resolution and strongly disagree with another part. Should a fellow delegate (or an official such as the Chair) be making debate procedures difficult for all concerned, they may be evicted from the committee for an indefinate period. Understanding MUN. This is used commenly when an Amendment is, for example, correcting a spelling mistake. He then says “I move to lay the resolution of... on the table.” This motion needs a second and it is not debatable and must be voted on immediately. MUN Conferences; Agenda; Delegates. A one minute speech is about 150 words and please keep in mind that 45 seconds is better than one minute 15 seconds because you will be cut off after 1 minute anyway. However if the motion passes, the chair will vacate its seat and turn it over to the mover until such time as a new chair is appointed by the Secretary General or the MUN Coordinator. If vote is close, large number of abstentions and a motion to divide the house has been called: 'There has been a motion to divide the house, abstentions are not in order and the vote will be retaken.' A certain time is allowed for people to speak for a topic, and a certain time is allowed to speak against the topic. Although this motion is looked down upon by chairs, it is often popular amongst delegates and may result in a standing ovation. Just to make things easier for you, I'll explain to you everything important about motions. MUN Conferences. In a similar fashion, if you feel that there is no more to be added to one side or the other, this motion will allow you to give up on time either for or against, and move into the other side of the argument. Question of: Gender equality in access to primary and secondary education. However, the delegation from the United States feels that its progress in Iraq has come to the point where the Iraqi government can handle itself independently, as is needed for any strong democracy. Home Glossary Before The Conference Writing A Resolution Opening Speeches Motions and Points Dress Code Opening speeches are an opportunity to explain your country's policy, introduce your resolution topic and key sub-issues you want the committee to focus on. Examples of correct “Points of Order” … point of order Mr Chairperson,… the speaker is not speaking to the motion. Note: Individual conferences may have slightly different rules and procedures when dealing with motions. "Request follow up?" Protection of Historical Monuments in war zones, UNESCO, A simple majority vote is needed. As you must be aware, motions literally means “to move” and “to direct”. Hey there! 906(b)(13)) Motions Concerning Charges and Specifications. This motion should be used sparingly. These times are set before the debate starts by the Chair. If those in favour have a majority, then the resolution is temporarily put aside until someone moves to take it from the table. I'm going to be representative of Nigeria in DISEC, topic is “Measures to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction". Point of order: The calling of a member to order, or the ruling of a member, a motion or a debate out of order. The delegate of Sudan believes that a possible solution to the bridging of the digital divide is assistance from MDCs to LDCs in the form of programs, donations, and training. This motion is used to bring a resolution or topic that has been previously tabled back to the floor. Position papers may serve as a starting point for negotiations and debate at the Conference. It requires a previous topic to have been put aside. Motion to table a resolution:  ‘Laying on the Table’ is a motion to dispose of a resolution temporarily. Motions may not interrupt the speaker. Likewise, if the debate is "open", this motion will change it to "closed". Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It has faith in the Iraqi people and know that they will be able to become a healthy nation. Each conference should list in their individual handbooks which motions can be used. If the motion does not pass, the mover must leave the committee or assembly for a period to be determined by the chair. Usually Motions that are seconded but have no objections will be allowed to take effect. In the likely event of a vote being particularly close, or even a tie, this motion forces all of those who have not voted (or "abstained") to vote either for or against. will result in standing ovation and the individual will be called a legend. When you wish to present your amendment to your committee: r. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Well-crafted position papers can often take the place of formal opening speeches and allow Representatives to attend to […] (wait for the chair to answer either "denied" or "granted"): when the delegate has answered your POI and you wish to ask another one, Motion to move to voting procedures: this motion has to be seconded, Motion to divide the house: no abstention, delegates can only vote for or against. It may not refer to the contents of any speech and may only interrupt the speaker if the speech is inaudible. To start of a Motion, any delegate can say "Motion to...." followed by any of the motions listed on this page. Motions that have objections might require a vote. Some motions may be debated upon before they come into play, and some can take effect straight away. But if the motion does not pass with a 2/3 vote, then debate on the resolution is resumed. Motions must be agreed upon (or "seconded") by another delegate before they can go any further, and likewise any delegate can disagree with a motion (or "object") to stop it from continuing. … point of order, …. Hello. Be careful when considering these motions. Motion to postpone indefinitely:  takes a 2/3 vote and this motion effectively kills the resolution. Some conferences or chairs may not recognize these particular items of procedure so may not give you the chance to speak if these are used "out of turn". Wycliffe Model United Nations Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The delegate of Sudan looks forward to hearing and debating other delegations’ opinions on this and other issues. As an LDC, Sudan is affected by this issue because of its lack of up to date digital access. Debates usually have a set time limit. This motion is used when it is quite obvious that many delegations are either not paying attention or require a break to stimulate their thinking processes. If accepted by the Chair, the Chair and the Delegate shall each be given one minute to present their argument to the body. This motion tables a topic (ending debate on the topic) until it is reopened with a Motion to Reconsider. Honorable chair, fellow delegates and distinguished guests: The delegation of Sudan realizes the importance of a world without a digital divide between MDCs and LDCs, genetic privacy and nondiscrimination, as well as resolution on the issues between Israel and Palestine. I'm going to attend my 2nd MUN event soon, so I need some help. The position papers submitted here are formal, public statements of a delegation’s position on the topics under consideration in a particular committee.


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