Pressure drop K coefficients. Process Specialist – Colt Engineering Corporation, Sarnia, REGISTRATIONS/AFFILIATIONS Rating: 3 Details . The other … Copy and paste this URL into your browser:, Crane also has a very comprehensive software package for doing piping calculations which, the last time I checked their web site, they sell for $1,395. PIPE SIZING PRESSURE DROP and HEAD FRICTIONAL LOSS. Short Description: The program calculates pipe wall thikness, cost (user entry $/ton) and allowed max span acording to ASME B31.1 . These should be useful for both figuring pressure loss in mainlines and laterals. The fields with a green background are for optional inputs. Follow us on Twitter Question, remark ? You will need to go through the checkout process in order to get to the download page but credit card information is not required. Download this Pip Pressure Drop Calculation Excel Sheet for your use for free. Calculation of Flow Rate – Excel Spreadsheet VIII. All you do … Continue reading Spreadsheets for Calculating Pipe Pressure Loss → You can specify the pipe size, flow rate, and the pipes C-factor and Hcalc will calculate the pressure loss per meter and for the total pipe length and the water velocity. It is popularly used in single phase flow pressure drop calculation. (I have no affiliation with the Crane Company and do not benefit from any sales they make. It is popularly used in single phase flow pressure drop calculation. Online Books & Manuals 410 ” published by the Crane Company. Fluid Flow Design and Engineering Parameters required for this template are allowable pipe diameter, pipe roughness, pipe length, pipe flow rate, fluid density, and fluid viscosity. Pressure drop Process Specialist, SNC-Lavalin Inc., Calgary, Canada / Al-Khobar,  There is a section for entering a take-off of valves and fittings. drop Excel calculation tool for incompressible (= liquid) flow, Pressure | Feedback | Advertising