The process of molting takes place, during which the crabs shed their exoskeleton as their bodies start to outgrow their shells. Friday marked the official start of stone crab season. No sales at this address Why not celebrate the New Year with the fleshiest, juiciest and most delectable stone crabs from Fresh Stone Crabs? - Press its claw down & away from the crab’s body. The better option is to buy this amazing delicacy from us at Fresh Stone Crab. Their supply of Stone crab is off to a solid start this year, but the demand is down due to consumer confidence in restaurants amidst Covid-19. When speaking to the team at Swordfish Grill and Tiki in Cortez, we learned that even our beloved stone crab season had been affected by Covid-19. KEY LARGO, FLA. (WSVN) - It’s time to get cracking. At the point of harvesting, the claw needs to be at least 2 3/4. Recreational trappers can put out five traps per person, and can harvest one gallon of claws each (not more than two gallons per vessel), so long as the claws are 2-3/4″ from the tip to the first knuckle. The onset of winter in Florida not only brings mild sunny weather but also the eagerly anticipated annual harvest of stone crab claws. WSVN broadcast educational and informational programming for children, and file quarterly reports with the FCC detailing the station's outreach to children. 33132 United States, Powered by Shopify If both the claws are of the required minimum size/larger, then both can be broken off simultaneously. They are trapped, and when the claws are removed, they are returned to the water. Let your traps soak for at least 48 hours before pulling them to check for crabs. Stone crab season is from October 15 each year through May 15. Some people remove only one claw from each crab, others take both. Here are some tips on serving the Florida delicacy. By | October 14, 2020 at 8:51 PM EDT - Updated October 14 at 8:51 PM . Let’s have a round of a-claws, for stone crab! They are trapped, and when the claws are removed, they are returned to the water. Some of the changes include increasing the minimum claw … Crabs are everywhere, but stone crabs can be found only in the coastal waters of South Florida. Stone Crab Season. Stone crab season kicks off with uncertainty over prices and demand as restaurants struggle under coronavirus limitations. Stone crab season is from October 15 each year through May 15. The public may view the reports by going to and clicking on "FCC Public File," or by visiting the FCC's website at, Restaurants and organizations offering free food, Boy with cancer escorted to last treatment by police, fire department, Miss USA 2020 is the first Black woman to represent Mississippi, Naval Academy: 1st Black woman named student brigade leader, Biden vows to ‘get right to work’ despite Trump resistance. The primary season for all crab species is October to January when they are often at their largest and populations are highest after spawning. The recreational stone crab season closes on May 15th.


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