Eleven of their products tested came back wih the highest amount of arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead. (NaturalNews) A history-making announcement has just been released by Natural News, describing a natural products industry agreement which would strictly limit the level of heavy metals allowable in popular raw vegan superfood protein products. You need to use a boosted serving (1.5 scoops) to get 27g per serving. Most protein powders offer high quality protein, are convenient, and easy to digest. When a product on the label reads "clean", it needs to known that indeed it is. You need to use a boosted serving to get 27g of protein. GMP-compliant companies After reviewing tons of protein powders Vivo Life is hands down my favorite. In truth, many brown rice proteins we've tested has been Just so you know, Sunwarrior actually have a full keto blend specifically for people on a ketogenic diet so if that’s something you want you may also want to check that out as well. You don’t want a bunch of chemically sounding names. Several other companies whose products were tested by Clean Label Project released the following responses to Denver7: “We will continue to dig into the methodology of this recent study. And I’m sure you do too. Heavy metals are naturally occurring in the environment and found in whole foods. The Here’s a picture of all ingredients and other information. Garden of Life and SunWarrior are not the only companies that need to be on Positive thinker, dreamer, adventurer, and lover of plant-based foods. “What we concern ourselves with are things not really regulated," said Executive Director Jackie Bowen. Isopure/ Optimum Nutrition/ABB Performance: Isopure products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMPs") established by the US Food and Drug Administration ("FDA"). We conform to all safety and quality measures, including rigorous California Prop 65 standards. Founder of Mr Plant Based. What kind of independent quality certifications does the producthave? As I write this post it is $35.95 for a 750g tub on Amazon in the USA which works out at $1.79 per serving (if using boosted servings) and $1.19 per serving for normal servings. We then quickly refuse ingredients that don’t meet our strict levels of quality, because we take immense pride in knowing, thoroughly vetting, and loving our ingredients before we pass them on to you. Please read the article below and we will continue to keep you informed. Click the button below to check out my review and see why Vivo Life Perform should be your first choice when it comes to a healthy plant-based protein powder. In the last 48 hours there has been terrible news about heavy metals in vegan raw based products - mainly Garden of Life raw protein and Sun warrior protein - there are different dates traveling around as to how long this has been going on for. Welcome to Mr Plant Based. Jackie Bowen says the Clean Label Project study is not meant to discourage people from consuming protein powders. test every single production batch and should have that lab data available. But rest assured, Sunwarrior takes great pride in knowing and thoroughly vetting our sources to produce quality proteins that are not only safe to consume by EU, FDA and WHO standards, but are also Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified. It’s probably because vanilla is quite mild tasting in general. It also has Contains MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil which is great source of energy for people on the Ketogenic diet. It’s definitely not an overpowering taste. Vega makes exclusively plant-based protein powders. Dr. San Millan says those with type 2 diabetes do better on lower carbohydrate, high protein diets. manufacturer's lab report on your particular batch. Or is made from synthetic nonorganic chemicals? She hopes people will use the study as a guideline, and will be empowered to ask questions of the companies that make protein powders. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mrplantbased_com-leader-3','ezslot_11',110,'0','0']));If you want to share your thoughts then please feel free to leave a comment below. They are also Prop65 compliant, which is the strictest standard and nearly impossible for plant-based sources to meet. In the last 48 hours there has been terrible news about heavy metals in vegan raw based products - mainly Garden of Life raw protein and Sun warrior protein - there are different dates traveling around … We have not seen the raw data on which Clean Label Project based their report, or the full methodology they used, so we can’t comment on this particular report at this point in time. When I tried it with porridge I found the taste to be mild. At Vega the trust and safety of our consumers is our top priority. expect we will soon hear from other companies who join this commitment to clean “The concentrate can contain other stuff,” says Dr. San Millan. The sweetness was in the right spot, not too sweet like some artificially sweet flavors can be. Plant-based protein powders had some of the highest levels of environmental contaminants like arsenic, lead and mercury. It didn’t necessarily make it bad, it’s just an observation I made as some other brands still keep the core flavor when mixed with other things. We have been made aware of a recent report released by the Clean Label Project on protein powders. The tests also found chocolate-based protein powders had higher levels of heavy metals. I’ve been looking forward to doing a review of Sunwarrior protein powder (the warrior blend) because it’s a very popular brand sold in most vegan shops. Athletes, weight lifters, and people who exercise intensely may also need a higher protein content in their diet. If it was longer than 2014 - we are asking Garden of Life to recall the product and issue refunds. That said, we want to make sure this concept is not blown out of proportion. Our proteins are the cleanest, most thoroughly tested, third-party inspected and certified products available on the market. You want things that are familiar like the names of fruits and vegetables. announcements for you right now: First, we made history today Clean Label project found the whey-based protein powders were among the better-performing brands in their study. “Some people have multiple protein powders, sometimes before a workout, sometimes after a workout, every day as part of their breakfast,” says Bowen. If you are currently And there’s more flavors available with Sunwarrior so they could all be great so don’t judge all the flavors based on what I’ve said about their Vanilla flavor. few labs test for tungsten. As far as I am aware they do test, I’m not sure if they test the protein powder batches for heavy metals … Further, our production facilities pass rigorous independent quality control audits that are certified by NSF International - a world leader in standards development, product certification, and risk management for public health and safety - to ensure that our products are developed and manufactured to meet the highest quality and food safety standards. Some say it was the start of 2014 and some say 2013 and perhaps longer. When looking into it I found out it is Keto, the only reason I know is it’s advertised as keto-friendly on the tub but they don’t say much else. Isopure carefully selects its vendors via a comprehensive evaluation program to ensure that it is supplied with only premium raw materials. They tested some of the popular brands of protein powders sold in stores and on Amazon. We however want to reassure our consumers that we test every single lot of Vega protein to ensure our products are safe, compliant and nutrient-dense, and meet our high quality standards. When comparing the heavy metals found in Sunwarrior protein powders to real, whole vegetables and fruits, the Cadmium found in Sunwarrior is 76% less than a cup of spinach, the Lead found in Sunwarrior is 68% less than an average size avocado, and the Arsenic found in Sunwarrior is 47% less than an average size peach. I thought I’d say that becuase so many people write reviews for products they haven’t even tried. Bowen says recent toxicology studies on chocolate show that the cacao plant has a tendency to pull more cadmium from soil. I hadn’t tried it till just recently so I was happy I finally got some to test out for myself. board with this. So yes Sunwarrior (warrior blend) is Keto-friendly. Plants absorb naturally occurring minerals from the soil which can be reflected in the final product. I need to try some of their other flavors soon and when I do I’ll update this post to let you know what I think. Companies that say they are GMO free and "raw" with no artificial ingredients needs to set their own standards not allow profit or governmental issues to corrupt what we are trying to do - stay healthy and be able to trust. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “The FDA doesn’t regulate this, so sometimes the protein powders, they might come in bulk from China for example, and who knows what’s in that protein,” he says. 2020 | MrPlantBased.Com | All Rights Reserved. If you are looking for a plant based protein powder that’s made with your health in mind then I would recommend this for you. We may earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. At only 2g of carbs (1g net carbs) per serving it falls in line with keto’s very low carb guidelines. I created this site to help you learn about eating a plant based diet so you can feel energized and inspired! So I would say it’s a pretty fair price for the high-quality ingredient base of the product.


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