We hope you enjoy this collection of healthy soups. [Vegetarian, Gluten Free]. In addition to travel, and great activities for food lovers, we bring you popular recipes from all the countries we feature on Compass & Fork. The broth is served with noodles. This yummy soup recipe is deceptively simple and one of the best soups to make if you just want a quick and easy meal. Try the Greek version, avgolemono soup. A favorite soup for many at the local Thai restaurant, this amazing soup recipe will have you eating at home instead! ​Get all the Recipes in our Italian Dinner Party Menu, 12 Gluten Free Recipes for Fall and Winter, How to Keep Warm with These 14 Healthy Winter Comfort Foods, Easy Entertaining with these Recipes to Make Ahead of Time, 9 of the Most Popular Summer Paleo Recipes from Around the World, Things to Do in Luang Prabang in Laos – You Will Never Want to Leave, 5 Tapas Recipes to Create Your Own Tapas Menu, Pictures of Guatemala that will Leave you Wanting More, Discover Romanian Food with this Dinner Party. We’ll stick to what we know: a chicken noodle or a tomato, a clam chowder or a lentil. Whether it’s a creamy chowder, a flavorful broth or a hearty stew, soup comforts you and makes you feel like a newborn swaddled in a blanket. This extremely popular Italian soup is primarily made of the ingredients in its name, pasta and beans. [Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten Free], This soup is the perfect winter warmer soup with the ginger providing a little flavor to warm you all the way down to your toes. Begin by roasting a butternut squash with garlic, cumin and honey to make the base for this healthy fall soup. He studied journalism at Ithaca College and previously managed social media for CBS News. It’s all combined in a chicken broth and served with sliced sausages. Don’t argue; you know it’s true. Germans tend to be highly skilled at making things out of potatoes. A very healthy soup, the combination of herbs and spices will warm your soul. An easy to make soup recipe, it freezes well. From China to Colombia, see which classic soup dishes bring comfort across the globe. Pasta e fagioli is served in various regions across Italy (and internationally), but the recipe differs slightly depending on where you are. Making Tom Yum Soup, a quick and easy soup will impress your guests. What soups to eat around the world? This tasty recipe gives you options for adding a personal touch to your soup and for making it vegetarian- or vegan-friendly. The popular dish is usually made with broth, rice, chicken and vegetables. The method is always the same, it is the flavors and ingredients that vary.


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