Amazing Trumpet player whose tone quality is incredible and just melts your heart! He's like a trained parrot or robot. About Us, Andre greatly expanded the baroque, classical, and modern repertoire of music available for the trumpet, and is single-handedly responsible for making the trumpet a respected solo instrument in the concert halls of the world. Harry James can be easily recognised when the music calls for long emotional passages - he is unique in this regard. Maynard Ferguson Big Bop Nouveau Trumpet Sheet Music and CD Play Along. The best highschool player i have ever heard. 60 albums were recorded throughout his career, all of which lasted for above 60 years. As a passionate artist, Armstrong did not stop working. Incredible player both classically and in jazz, superb innovator and promoter of music. Rude Fans at Oderus Urungus Memorial Inspire Jello Biafra Song, Venues Cry for COVID Relief as Denver Imposes Home by 10 Order. and "What a Wonderful World," over the next few decades, and he continued to tour up until a few years before his death in 1971 at the age of 69. Some consider him the “Best Trumpet Player” of our time. He's accurate, consistent and strong. He suffered from cancer and died at the age of 68. One last thing is that the tune is that of the trumpeter showing he has a very long breath. He also has a unique sound and style. Help, Don't have an account yet? One of the people I would like to have known. Louis was a living legend..he was such a great influence in the world of music. Do a little research and you will agree he should be in the top five at least. How do you think about the answers? anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they're talking about. If you haven't heard Al do Holiday For Trumpet, or Swing Low Sweet Chariot with Billy May and the William Cramer, the founder of Fire Inside Music, started to learn music in 2012 with a piano. His gorgeious sound was recognizable over any other trumpet star. He was a great improviser but if he couldn't play loud, he couldn't play at all. He was a stellar trumpet player/big red dog. He read well thought from what i heard. !...The things he did with Ellington are STILL Legend.... many people sound like somebody else...but not this guy...King Kisor is one of the most unique players alive...his music is one of the most genuine ive ever heard of...was with him at a couple of gigs...great techniques too...simply, simply amazing... Ryan came from a little town in NW Iowa. He is very good, when it comes time to the technical music. If you haven't yet heard the recording, excerpts have been posted on YouTube. Also an excellent jazz player and had the best high notes ever. Hopefully, you find this article useful and knowledgeable. He didn't have the range, and he cracked notes. There you have it, a list with the most famous trumpet players today and of all times. Principal Trumpet for the Minnesota Orchestra. Soft, loud, sensitive, blasting, piccolo, b-flat. They are popular but. HIS ABILITY TO SOLO. It is really sad to say that because of Oliver’s weakness in business, he had been stolen a lot of money from dodgy managers. He must be in the top three: Since he"s from the 30s & 40s, few present day people have hear him (or of him. we Miss you rafael. Harry James was the most technically proficient of any trumpet player the United States produced. Top 15 Greatest Trumpet Players who live their life for making a lot of contribution to the world. Many of Maurice Andre's recordings have recently been reissued. Beautiful, Unique sound, exceptional tonal quality and projection in the high register. A very nice man. Listen to the above and then give an educated opinion. he is one of the greatest of all times. In his prime, he set a standard of excellence for trumpet playing that will stand for all time. He has the most beautiful sound with flawless technique. He grew up a few years before me in my home town. Fantasy aside I never grow tired of Chris. He is the best. Richie Vitale 75. Many of the players rated above James are not qualified tp carry his horn. He has a nice sound but isn't an innovator by any means. After that, in later years, because Olive had trouble with playing trumpet owing to his gum disease, he had to hire other trumpeters to continue the solo work. those three are number 1 in my book. People widely believed that Baker committed suicide by using the drug. This man is one of the greatest trumpet masters of all time. yes i agree completely, and clifford brown the same. 'Little Jazz' was the world's greatest, superceding Louis and influencing Diz and all of Be Bop! JAVA – Trumpet Solo Sheet Music with Piano Accompaniment – by Al Hirt. Epiphone Les Paul Studio Deluxe Vs Standard (Which Is Right For You? All arturo does in solos is he plays high and goes up and down chromatically. He was for real. I would listen to him some before you vote for anyone else. I knew I wanted to join band. Maurice Andre was the greatest classical trumpet player who ever lived, and one of the greatest classical musicians in history. He was a legendary performer and helped make the New York Philharmonic one of the world's greatest symphony orchestras under Leonard Bernstein. Louis Armstrong was the greatest jazz musician of all time; he invented the jazz trumpet, it all comes from him; just listen to West End Blues, that says it all. Or Clifford, or Mitchell. oh my goodness! I went to Indiana University with Randy. His peers said there was nothing he could not play. Adelstein was also the principal trumpet for Minneapolis under Antal Dorati. For anyone to play for the first time as a soloist twice in one set of Proms at the age of 26 must be unusual. I had no idea what a trumpet was or who Al Hirt was back then. The studio trumpet king. While Alan Vizzutti is probably one of the most talented technical players in the world I can easily list 20 or so people who surpass him in tone. On his albums it was the other greats that made them sell. Christ, in my humblest opinion, is the best player in the country right now. If Hans Gansch isn´t in that list ... Then I would definitely recommend to you to listen to a few songs from him. Never heard someone playing baroque music on piccolo trumpet like him.Great! If you listen to the Minneapolis/Dorati and Cleveland/Maazel performances of the Mussorgsky/Ravel "Pictures", you'll notice it's the same trumpeter opening the piece. In the ‘50s, Art Farmer began playing bop with Sonny Rollins, Gerry Mulligan, Horace Silver and Gigi Gryce throughout the ’50s. Huge influence on jazz, but compared to Bobby Shew, Wayne Bergeron, etc., not in the same league. ...... And now I have to do math? He started his career with the first chair in the late, great Maynard Ferguson band. all-time greatest players, and he shines! What a great night. For that reason, I’ve listed the 3 top jazz trumpeters, the 3 best classical trumpet players and the 3 best female trumpet players. I mean , I came here thinking that Miller is in the top 5 and all I will need to do is give a vote on the guy, but to think that he actually did not make it on the list?!!!!!!?!!??! The brass section of this orchestra led by Bernard Adelstein, principal trumpet, and Myron Bloom, Principal Horn was incredible and set a standard of orchestral performance for the ages! He is a master, perhaps THE master. Top 15 Greatest Trumpet Players of All Time. He has one of the smoothest trumpets I have ever heard and is still playing into his 90's. Armstrong played on New Orleans riverboats early in his career before moving to Chicago in the early '20s to join Joe "King" Oliver's Creole Jazz Band. Before killing Chuck don't forget he played with Art Blakey. Haha yes! really really good jazz player of bop era.. Wow guys. NOT Maynard. Phil Smith is the greatest trumpet player to ever live. Offering our readers free access to incisive coverage of local news, food and culture. Can I re-watch Ruel’s Livestream Concert? This guy thinks he's buff bug he's a little skinny wimp that can only play trumpet to save his life. Allen is an amazing trumpet player and a teacher. how he placed so low is beyond me. Still working gigs at almost 93 years old! Below are some useful tips that I have researched that will definitely enable you to study how to play a trumpet properly. Not to mention he is the greatest ambassador for the dying art of Dixieland jazz. Lousy player!!! I think that he just might be the single greatest musician of all time. Louis Dowdeswell “High Score”, 10 of his best, downloadable. Played in orchestras and solos. Famous Trumpet Players from yesterday and today. Bud started laying everything down with a better sound and with the utmost of musicianship in the late 40's IN THE 40's!! This guy should be near the top. Louis Armstrong's favorite trumpet player because Bunny played his trumpet with heart and soul. Have you ever heard is fingering? He was originally a jazz cornet bandleader and player, and he was well-known for owning a strange playing style, as well as becoming the first person to use mutes in jazz. Otherwise Phenominal. I am a trumpet master, a god among these others! (He showed up at John Clyman's house looking to improve in the 80s. He was the leader in bringing jazz to schools and I've met alumni who said the best years of their playing was in his band. He’s also eager to learn to extend his repertoire. We have common friends. Bunny Berigan 88. This seem to be more of a "who I've heard of" contest. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. His compadres in the "Power Wall of Brass": Ted Piercefield, Alan Ware and Jerry Van Blair should also be high on this list. He was superb in technique and heart. While Davis might not have been able to hit the super high notes and play at breakneck speeds like Dizzy Gillespie, Davis preferred the middle register, and he once said, "Music is the space between the notes. Perhaps the greatest musician ever. Even Clifford brown blows him away, and I don't think Clifford is on this list. He can play high- SO WHAT? Arturo is the best and all you guys who don't think that are even latin jazz listeners or just plain good music. Some Italian has hijacked these rankings!!! Should be in the top 15 all time. Arturo, Vizzutti and Morrison do it all and do it extremely well, and although this list has many great players In the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, Donald Byrd started out releasing some some damn fine hard bop albums on Blue Note such as Fuego, Byrd in Hand and the most famous album called A New Perspective, while other trumpeters still continued to be fond of funk and soul jazz until the ‘70s like Black Byrd and Places and Spaces. It's 11 minutes & 32 seconds of pure Jazz bliss by one of the best bands at the time. so so swingin'. Here is a short list of “legends” or famous trumpet players that even people that don’t play the trumpet have likely heard of. why if brownie all the way down here???? Top 15 Greatest Trumpet Players of All Time. Guitar Tuning Peg Won’t Tighten String (Causes And Fixes), Electric Guitar Buzzing When Not Touching Strings (Causes And Fixes). wait how is this guy at least in the top 50. Maurice Andre is a legend! It's because the playing of those greats is so distinctive, prodigious and influential that it truly stands out among countless other horn players. Every so often a player comes along with a tone quality that just melts your heart. Arturo Sandoval is to jazz dexterity what Maurice Andre is to classical excellence. Allen is an American prodigy with multiple degrees and awards for his musicianship. In the few following decades, he released some superb recordings such as “What a Wonderful World” and “Hello Dolly.” Just few years before his death of 69 years old in 1971 did the stop touring up. Because of this, it is a well-known fact that most trumpet players tend to be egotistical not only because so many of them are male, but also because the trumpet is a loud and flashy instrument.


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