So I searched "Teletech work at home fraud"  and this is one of the first pages that came up…. No place for advancement. Honestly would not recommend this company. Well, leave it to cheap Teletech to do that. You don’t get to choose your at-home schedule. They are so inferior. I played dumb and pretended she wasn’t involved but now she blocked me. Your response will be removed from the review – this cannot be undone. But, you knew that going in. Teletech is a publicly traded company with annual revenues over a billion dollars. I've reviewed a lot of flat-out scams... and I thought this was going to be another. Copyright 2020 Gig Hustlers, all rights reserved. Speaking of schedules, have you ever heard of having to punch out to use the bathroom? The information provided is from their perspective. So far can't think of any because I haven't started. They’ll try to drag you along and at some point ask you to send them money and they’ll send you the keys and documents (in this case, it’s an Apple computer they’re promising to send you). VERY Low pay for what you do, terrible management, extremely high stress. I’m only trying to explain the negative reviews. Some of the complaints I haven’t mentioned yet are... TeleTech hires more people than they need, which means you think you have a job… but you’re left waiting, and waiting. Some have also complained that they've purchased equipment to meet TeleTech’s technical requirements, but never received a call to actually work. They deposited $2500 fake check knowing I declined the job and my entire bank account was froze by my bank. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. As we live though this pandemic, want to thank our military veterans who make it possible. Micromanagement to ridiculous degrees. Their business is simply being in the service of others. ? Okay, maybe it hasn't been said quite like that. Most do to show how much they appreciate you. Reschedule it. Depending on where you live, you might be able to move somewhere that’s both nicer and less expensive. I have been working at TTEC full-time for less than a year, Great pay, work from home up to 5-8 hours. This is a multi-billion dollar company; it should be able to afford software that works. While doing research for my list of 200 plus work at home gigs, I stumbled upon TeleTech, and it’s turned out to one of the stranger reviews I’ve done.Not because … If you don’t like your schedule, quit. I have been working at TTEC for less than a year, must be willing to purchase specific equipment to start (not a scam) and have necessary computer set up available. A day before the pay period closed we were told we needed to provide the hours we worked those days. My poor trainer was not even given all of the info that we needed to do the job. The fact that this person worked at TeleTech, is evidence the job is real. Do you have experience working in customer service from your home? Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. 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But no. And sometimes they don’t. And they’re so hypocritical as well. As you research TeleTech, you’re going to find (if you haven’t already) a lot of negative reviews… because just as a company loses its core message, it often loses its ability to see people as people. See full disclaimer for more info. You cant complain. Sites like and are free to join and you can do them in your spare time. I worked at TTEC part-time for less than a year, No schedule flexibility, inadequate training. A positive was i started when i lived in Georgia and had to move to home in Florida so I packed up and work came with me. It’s 100% a scam, but it’s not actually TTEC. If you would like to share more about your experience, please visit, I worked at TTEC full-time for less than a year. I think (and this is just my opinion) that if you join TeleTech with an awareness of these issues (complaints), as well as realistic expectations of what the what the job is, you can benefit from the experience... and even use this opportunity to design a good life. And if it takes a few hours, you’re not getting paid. I have sent numerous emails out to people, I don’t know what else to do. I worked at TTEC full-time for less than a year. TeleTech is a real company. Confusion about benefits package...didnt know if u had it or not. I spent almost two years here just to be let go due to a management mistake. I wouldn't know until I logged in that morning that my schedule had been changed for that day. – Senior Specialist Social Media Marketing. They may also ask you to buy things like a laptop and they’ll promise to reimburse you, just as soon as you send it to them so they can install the “company” software. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It doesn’t matter where you go, or what you do, it won’t be perfect. Work from Home I’d contact Teletech directly at and confirm the identity of the person you’re texting with. So, it was okay for her to mention some inaccurate stuff about me in a case but not to call a TL on the fact she didn’t read.


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