Italics? Are you sure? For example, there is the Ladies Professional Golf Association but note the apostrophe in Ladies’ Home Journal. Plural: Rosses It should say: If “Macy’s” is the singular noun, though (e.g., I went to Macy’s to buy clothes. The Smothers Family What about showing possession when referring to a song written by The Beatles? : Underline? “the goddess’ blue gown” “1990s” = “’90s” or “90s”? Here you are complaining about the incorrect usage of apostrophes while writing things like 80’s and 90’s. We just read about the Smotherses. Plural possessive is Ableses’. If you want to write: “It isn’t just McDonald’s’ fault that 70 percent of the US population is fat or obese.”? However, re the above-quoted sentence, Jane failed to point out to you that the use of the objective pronoun, “them” is incorrect. if I were creating a sign to hang outside the home of the picnicking family just discussed, should the sign read “The Smothers Family”? HAS NOT ditto to: has’nt There is no right answer; the best advice is to choose a formula and stay consistent.”. “old” = “ol'”; “come on back” = “‘mon back” (wild Southern absurdity). Do i need to put an ‘ on the title Extras and if so where? Your question is difficult to understand, but we will take a guess that you mean an apostrophe plus s. The word all’s means “all is.” Example: All’s fair in love and war. Last time I checked a proper name was proper. oh, wait—that’s another riddle. 4. 3. This method explains the punctuation of for goodness’ sake. Or, do you just assume that a group of individuals own one heart together, collectively ? so I was wondering which of these statements would be correct. The second sentence does not need an apostrophe since it is not the possessive form of pupils. Yes, the dumbing down, er, I mean the evolution of the English language continues. As we indicate, those methods are all acceptable. Do you want to know more about Best-Painters’ services? Debate at work. “If you will be taking part in next year’s race, you should start training right now.”, Choose: You could include Jesus in this list: Jesus’ teachings Maybe you could gently direct the teacher’s attention to my website and to the Note in Rule 2 in Apostrophes which says: I’m confused and need to school. 3-She cannot find her mobile.Someone(must-may-might)have hidden it. I was writing an essay on a test and ended up in a weird apostrophe situation. I am creating a family plaque for the name Harkness. It will have a quote Saying “The Harkness Kitchen” do I need an apostrophe? It’s not like; i cannot go to the second line directly. I have always kind of wondered what was really correct, so alright! “Preferences” can lead to chaos and anarchy as well as loss of a rationale and consistency in international communication. Also should there be an apostrophe by the word “projects”, No, a simple plural does not need an apostrophe. However, The Associated Press Stylebook would use only an apostrophe. children’s rights If this weren’t the case, languages like English and Spanish wouldn’t even exist in the first place. In the case of the book club, if it clearly refers to a club at one church with one pastor, I would opt for “Pastor’s book club” or even more specifically, “Pastor John’s book club.”, I’m getting married in September and I’m putting together a guestbook. Are the apostrophes correctly placed here? I read through the first 25 comments and didn’t see the answer to the following questions. . The bus’s steering wheel was wearing out. We see no reason to capitalize the word socks unless it is part of a title. For example: Please help! The Jackson and Wood Families. See In different countries, one is more commonly used than the other. Fridays’s chicken tenders or something completely different? Should I have stuck to my grammar or was she correct in requesting the change? I am someone who was taught that only an apostrophe was necessary for possessive nouns ending in s (both singular and possessive). Analysis and virtualization of global events’ effects on currency fluctuations. The latter doesn’t make sense to me (since they’re not possessive), but it seems to be the norm. I hope so – it would make my life easier! My question concerns acronyms that end in “s.” I work for a Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES, pronounced BO-seas) and I write technical bids for our schools. Following the advice in Rule 1, it make sense to write “Lagos’s Airport.” So why is “Texas’ weather” not written “Texas’s weather?”. See our posts Apostrophes and False Possessives and Confusing Possessives for more information. The Smiths’ [home] OR The Smiths [live here] The Crosses’ dog bit the mailman. heroes’ So do a lot of proper nouns (Mr. Jones, Texas, Christmas). Would it be The Anderson’s or The Andersons? You may find it helpful to review the rules in our “Apostrophes” section on our website, My Son, also Joe and I have a restaurant. Note however that apostrophes always point down. “The Smith’s” , not using the word House afterwards. I have the grammar of an 11 year old compared to all of you I think but have a question as I’m working on designing an editors choice graphic. This is a much debated rule amongst family and friends. EX: moms’. . Thank goodness for “print screen.”. my new name. Coaches’ conference or The AP Stylebook says this: The third rule of our article Apostrophes with Names Ending in s, ch, or z states “To show singular possession of a name ending in s or z, some writers add just an apostrophe. Any word length . B: Drones’ comparison It was decided that the victory — after a particularly long and arduous football match — was Manchester United’s. If I had to label a photo of 3 of my friends who are named “Chris”.. would this be labelled “My three favourite Chris’s…” or “My three favourite Chris’…” or how should I label this?! The Crosses dog bit the mailman. I was told I was wrong but would just like to clarify. A family surnamed Adam are collectively the Adams. I would like to know which one is correct: 1. Thatk you very much. There is no right answer; the best advice is to choose a formula and stay consistent. have not paid attention and do not know the “rules”. Is it “The Smith’s” or “The Smiths”? is it correct where the apostophes? The plural form, if there were two people with the same name, would be written Gorgeouses.


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