5. There are plenty of high-paying jobs out there that don’t require a college degree, and these are 20. But not all fields are equally lucrative. Copyright © 2020 ALM Media Properties, LLC. Each year, thousands of young people begin college with the goal of earning a degree and becoming more attractive to employers as they prepare to enter the job market. Health. Those who hold college degrees tend to work in fields that pay better. But the wages and the benefits are excellent, of course. We’ve excluded education degrees as they dominate this group like engineering overwhelmed the best paying majors. Click here to see our detailed findings and methodology. September 12, 2016. This applies to every field and every science. All Rights Reserved. After all, few people get to work in the IT industry. They look at the diploma and, if they like what they see, they hire you. There are people who are unemployed even though they have an IT degree. Sponsored by John Hancock Investment Management, Why Mid Caps May Lead The Way Out Of Recession. Nowadays, most employers first look at the diploma. On the other end of ThinkAdvisor’s 20 Best Paying College Majors are college graduates that are paid the worst out of the 403 college majors in PayScale’s huge College Salary Report. The 22 Lowest Paying Jobs That Require A Degree. So, if you are in college or university and if your major is important to you, read on! Once you know which majors to stay away from, it is much easier to find a major that you like. Careers. Don’t worry; the list of the top ten worst college majors is below. These annuities have seen a significant jump this year, said FINRA CEO Cook. Grow your annuities business with help from expert insight and analysis you can access all in one place - FREE. Worst Colleges in America by State ... but not always. We carefully analyzed worst college majors 2017 and 2018 lists and concluded that some things have changed. This is why we created this new worst college majors for 2020 list. What factors are contributing to the popularity of ETFs? There are people who earn very good money with one of the worst paying college majors. It all boils down to one thing: what would you like to do in life? Access to other award-winning ALM websites including TreasuryandRisk.com and Law.com. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 worst college majors today: There you have it; these are the 10 worst college majors. Every best and worst college majors list is somewhat subjective, so you need to thin for yourself. They basically shape your future. Theater While much of investors’ current focus is on tech and growth stocks, they can be overvalued and may not be the best option as the economy turns around. Once you know which majors to stay away from, it is much easier to find a major that you like. However, there are plenty more that don’t promise a bright future for most students. And the truth is that you are better off reading a list of the worst college majors so that you know exactly what to avoid. In this article, you will find out what majors you should avoid and why. 20 Best Paying College Majors (That Aren't Engineering), 20 Best Paying College Majors (That Aren’t Engineering), 20 Best Paying Jobs for College Business Majors, 12 Worst U.S. Cities for Military Veterans, The Advisory Industry in 2020: A Snapshot, 8 Worst 529 College Savings Plans of 2020, Sign Up for the Portfolio Builder Newsletter, Sign Up for the Annuities Insider Newsletter, Sign Up for the Career Advantage Newsletter. Nowadays, there are so many colleges and so many majors that students don’t even know which to pick and which to avoid. These plans have big flaws, like high fees or a subpar asset allocation approach, according to Morningstar. Graduates of the top two fields on this list actually earn less at mid-career than at entry level. This way, you know exactly what your target is and you can take steps to achieve it. Your article was successfully shared with the contacts you provided. By Tanner Greenring. So yes, college majors are extremely important. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics Survey to determine the lowest paying jobs for college graduates. Learn about this increasingly popular tax-advantaged investment vehicle and educate your clients. The best way to avoid majors that don’t lead anywhere is to think about your application. The number of SEC-registered advisors grew almost 4% since 2019, an IAA and NRS report shows. The noble profession of teaching, unfortunately, is very poorly paid. They are even less interested in your exceptional traits and skills. IT schools are difficult and it’s not easy to major. Your will be stuck with the same job, at the same level, for years. However, you rarely see a list of worst college majors. The worst college majors for your career are the majors that don’t allow you to grow. The truth of the matter is that you need to pick the major even before you choose a college or university. Well... at least you got pretty good at beer pong. Many jobs that typically require college degrees for entry-level positions pay less than $50,000. You don’t need a college degree for this job; you just need a computer, communication, and people skills. You see lists of the best college majors all over the Internet. Some of the majors you will see here are not on the worst college majors 2016, 2017, or 2018 list. There are many majors that are somewhat useless. 20 Worst Paying College Majors (That Aren’t Education): 2020 Michael S. Fischer | October 12, 2020 Many graduates with these majors experience tepid salary growth, even a decade into their careers. This means that tens of thousands of students get these majors every year. 50 Best Hamlet Essay Topics For All Levels, How To Write A Summary Of A Research Paper, Results Section of a Research Paper: Writing Guide. These majors are correlated with particularly low earnings for college grads based on the NCES report. ET Tweet Share Copy 22. Among 100 cities, these ranked dead last, according to WalletHub. If you are willing to bet you will get straight As and that you will be an expert in your field, you can safely pick even the worst of the worst majors and still build a great career. Psychologically, this is a disaster. The College Salary Report collected alumni compensation data from 3.2 million employees, representing more than 4,000 universities across the U.S. Trading Outages at Schwab, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Other Platforms Irk Investors, FINRA Sets Sights on Registered Index-Linked Annuities, Biden Vows to Extend Jobless Aid, Names Economic Team, 15 Pro Athletes Scammed by Financial Advisors, Medicare Part B Premium to Jump $3.90 a Month for 2021.


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